Hi Hooparistas and Hooparistos! 

I am selling my PSI Hoop - I loves it so much, but I want to down size my hoop a bit, so I am looking for a new home for my hoop. 

The hoop is a 37" outer diameter, 7/8" HDPE, with 9 dragonfly lights (fast strobe rainbow) and 7 elfin ring lights (slow fade rainbow). It's a great size and weight for a beginner/intermediate hooper. Just light & small enough for a little challenge - but you're up for it! PERFECT first LED hoop if you ask me. The hoop is currently naked, and sanded on the inside edge, but if you would like it taped I will decorate it for you!! Comes with charger. 

I am willing to deliver to locations near Milwaukee, WI.

Cost is $185 + shipping (buyer pays shipping and I will insure the package for the full cost of a new hoop) Reply here or email rhburlingame@gmail.com if interested!

Thank y'all and happy holidays!

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Just thought I would let you know that for around 50 bucks, PSI hoops will retube your hoop into a smaller size.  Not sure exactly how you go about it, I have a friend who sent hers in to have it done.

Thanks LoopDLu!  I want to switch to a RICA hoop, I've been drooling over one for quite some time.  So I'm hoping to offset the cost a little be selling my current hoop.  Know anyone who's got a psi hoop on their wish list?

I'll ask around, do you have any videos w/ the hoop?...I ordered a Phoenix from Hoop Daddy, so I'm not in the market for one right now, but it sounds gorgeous.  The RICA's do look phenomenal though!

Hey Ladies & Gents... Just wanted to put it out there on the internets that I am selling my PSI Hoop!!! 37", 16 leds (9 dragonfly, 7 elfin ring), perfect for beginner/intermediate hooper! Here's a link to a video with more into. Message me on Facebook - or email Karma.Repair.Yoga@gmail.com if you are interested :)

Thanks for looking!! ♥ 


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