I think that there is an incredible concentration of talented and open minded hoopers in the Midwest. It can be so stressful trying to consider the hundreds of dollars it can cost to travel to the coast for hoop camp, hoop path or any of the other incredible gatherings held on either side of the US. This morning I had a thought... why isn't there a hoop camp in the midwest? I have no solid ideas about who, where or when I just wanted to throw out the idea and see what comes back.

Let me know what you think!!

Peace Love and Caitlin Joy

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Caitlin Joy: I love your enthusiasm!! That's such a great idea, wouldn't it be great to see Hoop Camps and Fests and Retreats in every state or region?!

The Midwest did have a small one, however. You may want to get in touch with them and see if they have thoughts on another?


If it ever happens, I want to know! I have family in WI and would love a visit and a Hoop Event!
I had no idea, I'll definitely be contacting them. Thank you :)
I feel the same way! Where I am we can get to Bonnaroo and Waka with about 5-6 hours but it would be so awesome to actually have a hoop camp somewhere close. I understand it would be hard to have one that's accessible to everyone but it is still a neat idea!
I would love to see that happen. It would be great if something was organized in the center of the Midwest making it the most optimal spot to travel to for everyone. Somewhere between Iowa and Minn., South Dakota ?

I have a big yard! lol really, a seriously big yard!
I believe Hoop Path was in Chicago this past year. I thought they were also coming back through the Midwest in 2011 but I don't see it listed on their events page. Either way I think it's a fantastic idea to have a gathering, I'd try to arrange it so one of my trips home lines up with it. Also Harmony Park in Geneva, MN would be an amazing place to have it (super close to Iowa) and it's the best place in the world. I bet we could find someone with the proper connections if that location was appealing to everyone or doable.
for those of you that aren't familiar with Harmony Park but would like to check it out

YES! I've heard great things about Harmony Park. I'd love to help organize this if it's a go. Once we've chosen a name for the event and zeroed in on a date we should create an event website and Facebook page.

Hoop Path hosted a two day workshop in Lawrence, ks this year as well but their big gathering is always in Carrboro (sp?) I think... I have a friend who knows Ann pretty well so maybe she'd come to our gathering :)

I second the vote for Harmony Park. Tons of room, great stages, plenty of camping space, and lovely beautiful Oak trees. Plus it's pretty close to the MSP airport in case anyone wants to come in by plane. (also Amtrack is in St. Paul)
I would be more than willing to be a helper to get this going!!
Harmony Park sounds like a great location, I'd come. :)
You guys are all so awesome! Would you all want to move to the East Coast to help me make it happen here???


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