I am all about incorporating as much dance into hooping as I can. Having started minis now, I'm anxious to learn how to really dance while mini hooping, not just stand there and do tricks. Someone must have blazed this trail. Someone out there has to be groovin' out with minis. I've looked at a lot of on-line vids, and there is a lot of amazing mini hooping happenin' but I can't find any videos where the hooper is truly dancing while mini-ing. Anyone recall having seen a mini hooping vid with a nice dance element to it?

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I hear ya on this one. That is definitely something I see a lot and try to incorporate dance as much as I can. And it's definitely something that can always use more work. It's so easy to just stand there and whip out your best moves- but dang, it sure isn't that fun to watch, is it?
Keep hoopin' and dancing!! YES, love it! I would love to see some dancey twins videos...

Keep hoopin'!
Peace and Harmony
Harmony, I know you're a ridiculously skilled mini hooper, and I bet you've busted a move or two with your minis! Any vids of your own you'd like to share?

This is my first mini hoops video. I don't know if there are nice dance elements to it. Do you like it?


Kikka - I LOVE it!  There are totally dance elements to it!  The way you move your feet, the body movement, it's all great! I love the way you move! I never think of mini hooping with just one hoop, but you've inspired me.  I would've thought mini hooping with one hoop would be boring, but the way you infuse dance elements really rocks it.  Obviously one gets more limited in their movements with two hoops, but you've really got it down.  Definitely "favoriting" this one at YouTube for future reference and inspiration!! I seriously need to pick up the minis again.  I was obsessed for a few months, but now I haven't touched them in a few weeks! 

Many thanks... I'm moved by your words.

It's my first mini hoops video, that music makes me laugh and movements come naturals...

I didn't know that I moved in this way :) It was funny! I still have much to learn...

Well, please make and share more videos when you can!  You're very inspirational!

This is a short video of me screwing around at Symbiosis last weekend. It's hard to see the minis because they aren't LED and I was just really zoning out and having fun, but here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlBitkiHAGw&feature=youtu.be

i posted this video the other week.  i've been trying to integrate dance into my minis as much as possible. not sure if i am really "dancing" but i think im doing an ok job of moving around more and not standing in place. anyway, hope this a decent example.


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