I am new to mini hooping. I've been working on getting comfortable with the hoops doing basic drills, trying thread the needle and 2 beat or chase weave. I've had little success with the chase weave and thread the needle. Does any have tips on hand positions and grips?

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I have tutorials on hand position changes and a very easy to understand chase weave (Forward Weave).

Actually, I show hand positions and changes on every tutorial that I do. I have more than 40 tutorials including thread the needle. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Have patience with yourself  ...  it takes lots of practice:)

hi ,,,,Just have patience ...it takes 5 min to longer ...keep practicing and then viola u just get it without even realising it ... I learnt the 3 beat weave first by watching videos then leant other stuff .... there is tons & tons of info on this site and you tube .... safire is a great teacher (bow down to her everytime)  and the mini hooping class is amazing ....I love off body hoopin but now I am gone back  to core (body) hooping... check safires and youtube videos in slow motion and u will get it ... ciao


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