I'm a total newbie mini hooper, and I'm working on turns.  The low reel turn is completely kicking my butt!  I'm in Sandra's minis class, and I've watched and watched and watched her class on it, and I've practiced, practiced, practiced, but I cannot get this (I'm sure very elementary and simple) move down!  I'm trying to just work on one hand at a time, and I can't even get that.  I'd like to watch some other tutorials.  Sandra is usually my go-to girl for tutorials, but sometimes you just need to watch more than one tutorial to get something to sink in!  (I think I watched 10 or more tutorials on the Vortex, and the 11th one I watched finally made it click for me!)


I know there is a huge shortage of mini tutorials.  Does anyone know if any other hooper has made a tutorial on this?  Or, if you're a low reel turn whiz, would you consider making a quick one?  I really want to nail this move so I can move on with my minis! 

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Hi Shelley,  Click on the link below and watch my Crazy Weaves video starting at  :34 through  :46.  Is that what the low and high reels are?


Yes, I believe those are it.  It's hard to tell exactly because you're not turning with them, but I believe you are doing reels, and if you were to turn while doing them, they would be reel turns.  I watched Sandra's video in the Mini Hoop class, and when she turns with the low reel, for a brief moment, as she's facing toward the camera (about in the middle of the turn) both hoops are down near her hips and they are both behind her.  When she is turning to her right, her right palm is facing away from her (with her wrist scooped) and her elbow is bent out toward the right.  Her left palm is facing towards her body.  Of course, it's the opposite when she is turning toward the left.  When she does the high reel turn, for a moment about in the middle of the turn, her arms are raised above her head and the hoops are swinging behind her head/upper back.  I hope this makes sense!  If you could make a tutorial, I would be so happy!

I just posted Part 3 of my tutorial series on Twin Turns.  Click to go to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Part 1 is basic turns while spinning.  Part 2 is more advanced turns while spinning.  Part 3 is turns while spinning each hoop in a different direction.  Part 4 will be combinations of weaves, spinning, and
turns.  Hope this helps everyone.  Shelley had requested this series.  I had fun making them.  Part 4 is coming soon.

Hey Everyone,  I just posted Twins Turns Part 4 of my series on twins turns.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  If you make a video of you practicing the moves in these tutorials, I will post it on my website.


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