Id like to change the picture of this group to one that more clearly displays some mini hoops... so then i thought it would be nice if we all post some piccys of our own mini hoops so we can see what hoops each other are using...

What do you think?

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I like the group pic, but I still look forward to seeing everyone's minis.

Don't think I'll take an pics on mine. I use to have a matched pair, but one was faded to monochrome after a month buried under snow. The one I made to replace to buried one is distinctly oval. They're a pretty sorry looking trio...but I still enjoy spinning them!
I'm not the best photographer, so the pictures aren't great - but I currently have two sets of minis, one slightly larger than the other. Can't wait to see what other minis people are using!

oh....I love these colours ....especially the red & gold
those are sexy, especially the red and whites
here is my set:

Cute! The bright colors make me think of candy.
I used to only have one set of minis... they are 1" OD Clear LDPE and have 20 LEDs ((Red,Green,Yellow,Blue)*5) powered by 3 AAA batteries equaly spaced and removable...

But now iv got some new ones... 3/4" OD HDPE Iv not made a LED circuit for them yet, but sanded them, and they are yummy :-D
These are my Hoopnotica mini's, they're 24'' with pink gaff and mirror tape. :)
Minis and twins :)
Your twins are luminous, Rose! Love the color combination.
Yes! I love the way hoops glitter and shine when they spin. So soothing.
i have some on my page!


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