I thought we should have a place where we can check in from time to time and report on what we've been doing with our minis. 

  • What tricks have you mastered recently? (Got a video or a tutorial?  Please provide the link. I'm sure we'd all like to master it.)
  • What are you currently learning? (Again a link to a demo or a tutorial would be much appreciated.)
  • What's kicking your ass?  (Maybe we can help!)
  • What do you plan to learn next? (We all need ideas!)
  • What do you want to learn but can't find a tutorial for? (Again, I'm sure one of us can find (or make!) something for you.)
  • What cool move did you make up all on your own? (Definitely post a tutorial!)

Tell us anything and everything about what's currently happening  in your minis world! 

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K, I'll go first.  :)

I'm relatively new to minis. I started at the end of November of last year.  I'm taking my time with these babies, so my progress hasn't been lightening fast.  That's okay. Spinning the minis relaxes me and makes me happy.  There's something really soothing about those little babies! To date, I've mostly been working on basics like planes, timing, and simple weaves and turns.  I'm learning from Sandra's Minis class and from the tutorials on Hoop Dee Doo's website.  Both ladies are awesome, awesome instructors!

What have I masterd recently?  Ummm, how 'bout the day berfore yesterday, I NAILED THE THREE-BEAT WEAVE!!!!  Yes!  It only took me a month of working on it.  Truly, though, I'm proud.  The 3BW is like epic, and I kind of feel like if I can learn that, I can learn any mini trick.  (Then again, I haven't attempted the backwards 3BW yet! Scary.)

What am I currently learning?  Just this week I started working on turning with weaving. I get the forwards weave-turn into backwards weave pretty easily, but I'm still stumbling a bit on the backwards weave-turn into forwards weave.  Once I master that, I'll do the 360 weave.

What's kicking my ass?  LOW REEL TURNS!  Apparently neither Sandra or Pam can teach me this. I'm really struggling. I haven't attempted the high reel turn yet.  Anyone have any suggestions??

What's coming up?  I think I'll attempt to learn the backwards 3BW.  Might as well get that over with.  LOL!

Hey Shelley, Congratulations on the 3BW.  One month is not long at all.   Everything else is a piece of cake :)

I'm working on a tutorial of forward weave to reverse weave to Windmill and back to forward weave.  It will be called Combinations Part 2.  Look for it this month.

Send me a video of you doing the Low Reel Turns and I'll help you troubleshoot.  Also, try going back to my Twins Turns Part 4 starting at 16:00.  It shows the Low Reel Weave -- I think.  Let me know if you want another tutorial on Low Reel Turns.

I am also working on a new video that is supposed to be humorous.  Hopefully, I will be posting it at the beginning of March.


whats new: i just got my convertible led minis ! check them out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgi0fycStFs

i havent really mastered any tricks as much as developed variations and refining technique in general.

currently learning: 5 beat weave forward and reverse, i can walk thru it but its far from smooth on certain sides .its hard since you have to practically twist your arms in a knot. also i guess doing a weave behind the back , my arms barely go there.

what's kicking my ass: feeling that i am ready to include minis in my performance repertoire but not being able to stop them from flying out of my hands. i dont care much about dropping as much a them ( since they are mostly vertical) rolling across the room and chasing them around a venue. i really want to be able to let loose but i find them to be more unpredictable with dropping then any other prop i currently do. also i get distressed because if someone wants me to show them how to do something with minis if it involves surface switching / weaves i get confused and tounge tied.

what do i plan to learn next: probably attempt to work some of the freeform type isolation stuff like she does here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-Znyi2dRlk , attempt some ring-juggling stuff with 2 minis, integrate playing with axis/ that sort of gyroscope flip motion ( like doing the helicopter only flipping it on 1 hand) .. .i guess more of the tech poi stuff like he is doing here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAp1ZFzRQPU , it is intimidating. i have the dvd encyclo-poi-dedia 2 which is really good for encouraging experimentation and explaining concepts rather than tricks, and i think it is relevant for many disciplines ( hoop, fans, staff, etc ) . i dont want to necessarily focus on technical skill as much free myself to be able to spin these things anywhere around the body and not get stuck facing sideways.

tutorials : i will watch anything , put it on i am happy.

move i made up on my own: when i have ceiling space i throw them around like i do with 2 batons. here is a video: http://www.hoopcity.ca/video/hoopminis-tosscatch-variations ( the minis start half way thru ) there is an unlimited amount of variations. think of anyway to throw one, do something spinny with the one in your hand , catch in anyway you can think of. i tryed to label some of the various ways to catch it. i can offer suggestions if anyone is interested.

Hey, Gillian!  Great new hoops!  Love that they can make 24" minis and a 36" hoop.  Perfect sizes for me too.  I'm hoping for an LED for my April birthday, and was thinking Cosmic.  I like that this size combo is available.


Thanks for the tutorial on the tosses/catches.  Very nice!  I especially love it when you catch the hoop around your neck after that mega spin.  Very sweet!  The "baton twirling inspired" moves are great.  Favorited!


I love your twins tosses. Fantastic!!!

I have a tutorial on the 5BW and the Behind the Back Twin Weave on my website.  Click on the links to see if that is what you're looking for.  I do the 5BW with the toss, not the one that Steve Bags does.   After watching your video, I think you should be really good with the 5BW with the toss.

i need to watch more of your tutorials, i need to expand stuff to do. i will try the 5 beat with the toss, i just feel like i should be able to do both ways and the steve bags one is the same as 5 beat with poi. 


the internet has been down at my house soi havent had a chance to practice with a vid playing. the idea of minis tutorials always overwhelms me because i the only ones i have done was 3 beat weave and threading the needle and both were pretty daunting things at first. but i will check them out, as i do not know what many of the things shelley mentioned below even are! 

Gillian, Some of my tutorials are not as daunting as the 3 beat or 5 beat weave.  I try to break down the moves into smaller parts to make it easier.  The Split Weave is different and I think not as hard if you can spin the hoops in opposite directions.  I also just posted a new twin tutorial called Under the Leg Turn.  It looks cool, but is not that difficult and gives everyone a break from all the more complicated stuff.

I always have Previews of all the tutorials on my website, so you can see what the moves look like before you try them.  I am always more than happy to help you troubleshoot and I take requests for tutorials.

There is also a funny video of me learning how to hoop  ...  guaranteed to make you smile :)




I've learned some new tricks with the minis thanks to Pam at Hoop Dee Doo!  I can now do the cross-over turn and am working on the turning into reels/windmill and the split weave (awesome move!).  Yea, Pam!!!  Thank you!  I also learned turning from forwards weave into backwards and back again (tutorials from Sandra's Minis class), and am going to start working on the 360 turn she teaches.  Thanks, Sandra!


Up next is the Figure 8 weave (Hoop Dee Doo tutorial), and I will probably also try the reverse 3BW.


Glad you like my tutorials.  I'm going to be changing the name of The Figure 8 Weave to the Twin Infinity Weave because the move is like having the hoops in the Infinity Position while doing the weave.

I'm going to be working on variations of the Split Weave and moving from Windmill to Infinity.

Hey there mini hoopers. I have been working on some fun combo moves with minis and haven't recorded any of my hooping lately. So I did it, decided to record some of my practice hoop sessions! Check out the pops and isolations and two hoop tricks :) I've been having a lot of fun putting moves together and finding funky flows.



Hope you are all doing well and finding your flow with minis!! Love love love!

Keep hoopin'!

Peace and Harmony

I can finally do the 3BW - I never really practiced it, but I spent an hour in the afternoon two days ago and now it works :D I may suck at isolations, but this went quick. Nice! I also learned how to do basic low and high turns.

Now for those reel turns!

checking in!


a  video of some of this stuff i have been working on since hoop convergence and wildfire:




stuff that is new to me recently and is in this vid:   double chest and back roll and combining single rolls with other stuff ,more flipping on the z axis, and holding 2 in one hand and twirling them ( infinity? i think this is called ) . This isn't in the vid but also split time on the same arm ( both opposite and same direction ) , reversing thread the needle , crossing the body when they are going opposite direction and general freedom of movement with them going opposite directions, getting more comfortable going behind the back.


i got quick wicks and was finally able to try using  fire minis. one was alot of fun , two caused distress because it  was hard to monitor them. it was kind of awkward experience and a bit distressing to see the wick hitting my forearms repeatedly ( i had kevlar sleeves on thankfully ) .( at wildifre ) people came up to me and complimented me later, so i am hoping it looked less awkward than it felt. fire minis look cool   to me  becuase the triangle of wicks can make isolations/folding look really unique, and i am generally weak in that area.   i tryed an experiment putting a single wick on the inside of each cuz i thought it might feel better to free up the outside of the hoop, but this was even wierder, so back to 3 on outside of each.


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