anyone close or around boston willing to show me the ropes?! and be my friend!

hi there! i'm australian, and just moved to the U.S to be an Au Pair. I am based in lexington, MA, about 30 minutes away from Boston. 

i just started hooping not even a month ago, and have bought my very own beautiful travel hoop and i plan on taking her everywhere with me, and actually hoop all over america and australia and film it!

I'm reaching out to anyone in my area willing to show me the ropes, and be a friend. I've started a new life here, and would really like to meet some like minded people! I have fallen in love with hooping, and spending alot of my freetime hooping in my room and watching tutorials. I'd really like to meet up with someone people though, and maybe have them give me some tips and pointers! 

i hope i hear from some of you (: 

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There is a wonderful hoop community in Boston. So many of us there are actually several communities. Tomorrow is Medfordd Spinjam in Medford MA. Its on the Tuffs campus use facebook search for "Medford Spinjam." Monday there is the Boston Spinjam (a lot more hoopers show for this one and its my recommendation for first timers) Its in Cambridge Community Center indoors until it gets warm enough to move it to the MIT campus. Search face book "Boston Spinjam." Tehre is alsot the Boston Hoop Meetup hen it gets warmer on Wednesdays. In Hiatus right now. Also Boston Hoop Troop. I'm a teacher as well but you should learn what you can from other beginners for now at the spinjams. Boston is a great hub for circus arts in general. We also have many festival coming up this summer for weekend long training in circus and fire arts at Wildfire in CT and Fahrenheit in PA. Look forward to meeting you and welcome!    

Welcome Sjenna:  There is also the Woo Crew in Worcester, MA which you can find on FB and if you are traveling to the northeast part of CT come to Wildfire!!!  Happy Hooping America and Australia.  Stop by for some hooping in the Quiet Corner of CT!!!  Happy to show you the ropes and be a hooping bud!!  :)


**BUMP** I just moved to Worcester. I've been trying to find the woo crew on facebook, but  no luck. =( I know this is a stretch but is there any more info on them or other worcester hoopers?

Indeed tyler! I was about to say a lot of the same things. We look forward to meeting you Sjenna!

Welcome lady :)

Once it gets warmer outside I would definitely be down to meet at a park or outside somewhere & hoop :)  The Boston Hoop Jams are definitely your best bet for while it's colder outside!

welcome girl! i live an hour from boston but make my way to boston once a week...i would love to meet up if u are still doing au pair in the states =))


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