I've been hooping since mid-January and still have a LONG way to go before I'll feel comfortable enough to hoop in front of other people.  On nice days I usually practice in my backyard where no one (but my next door neighbor) can see me.  I am REALLY self-conscious about how I look when hooping.


My backyard was unavailable today since we're working on our house and the sun finally came out after 3 days of rain and a great song was on Sirius, and I couldn't help myself...  I hooped in my front yard.   I live on a pretty busy road so lots of cars went by, but, I DIDN'T CARE WHO SAW ME!!!! :D  


Anyway, it's not a huge thing, but I feel pretty good about it and wanted to share. 

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Awww yay you go girl!!!!

i know what you mean tho. In the beginning I was so self-conscious.

Then I realized that all that worry about how i look when i hoop is just wasted hoop energy. When you become one with the hoop and the music then people can see how you enjoy and they see your passion. So just hop out there in your front yard and have fun :)

What a coincidence! I started hooping mid-january, and last night was the first time I had  the confidence to hoop in public - at a dubstep show, at a club!! With and LED!!! I got soo many compliments and a few people took videos and showed them to me, I couldn't believe that I actually looked good! Always keep in mind you probably look a lot cooler than you think, and even if you don't, oh well. I actually had someone laugh when I dropped it, he asked to use it, and looked like a drunken fool trying. Then he left me alone. And my hooping only got better from there! Once I had REAL confidence, I danced with my hoop all night, and i had soo much fun.

Way to go! I hope I can bring myself to do that same soon! I hoop in the living room of my apartment. I have to super careful and it's annoying!

Oh, you'll get there  :)  and once the defenses are down and you're just having fun it will be soooooo much easier.  Try hooping outside at a park or somewhere just once and I bet you'll realize it's not so bad.  ;)  Then you won't have to be so careful either and you can really see what you're capable of doing!!

Since my original post I've now done so many impromptu "performances" for friends and family that it doesn't faze me much anymore.  While I'm still a bit reserved in front of others and only do things that are comfortable I need to learn to get over my fear of making mistakes so I can REALLY let go. :)


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