so my first ever hoop is here yay! it's a 40" and pretty heavy, but i was wondering how to overcome the problem of one side of the hoop dropping as you're hooping on the waist? one side seems to just gradually get lower than the other and eventually the whole thing loses momentum /:

also, the hoop sometimes moves pretty slowly around my body even if i give it a big push at the beginning? i know these are probably just problems that practice will solve but i didn't know if i was doing something wrong!

thanks! x

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Hey Carmen and Welcome to Hooping!


I like you picked up my first hoop about a month ago and and I have had similar issues...So as a newbie that is in the same boat as you. This is what I can pass on that has helped.


When the hoop is lower on one side than the other means that the the size it droops is weaker and just need to be strengthened up a bit.  For instance I naturally hoop with the hoop twirling to the left.  So I thought oh I  must be stronger in my left feminine side on me just the opposite...My right side is stronger since I am using the momentum and strength to propel the hoop to the left.  So when I twirl the hoop to my right it's almost impossible to keep it up sometimes.  


So I say all this to say is to!




Your movements will be jerky at first but also utilize the strength in legs and thighs to get that hoop up and for it to stay up.  Building hoop confidence of what you can do for now is key and then you can move on to switching directions of the hoop and so on.  So pop that hip up and maybe step the stronger/dominant leg back to get that momentum going.  I hope this helps!

that all sounds really helpful, thanks! :) yeah i just managed to get it going again after it slowed down, so i guess i just need to take it in baby steps!! it feels frustrating to see so many videos and stuff of amazing people but to be such a beginner!!! 

thanks for all your helpful advice! x



Your welcome dear let me know if you think of any other concerns...I remember when I used to hoop as a little girl and totally used to kick ass!...But much later (20+ years later)'s taken a bit of awhile to keep it up....I can keep it up easily now, but when you are frustrated and wantin to throw it across the room it's time to take a break and visit for another day.  You'll be surprised how you'll body will learn and adapt overnight.  One thing about the hoop it will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong...just relax and used the power of the legs, thighs and butt.  If I can think of any good beginner YouTubes I'll reply with a link later!


Stay in touch!

wow i've just been practicing and everything you guys have been saying makes sense! now i can control both sides of the hoop and speed up if i lose momentum like natural! :D how exciting :D i can see why everyone says it's addictive :P x





Awesome!  Good Job Bianca!  You are  quick learner!  And yes it is empowering and addictive!  Enjoy the Hoop!

Welcome to hooping!  I have a free Waist Hooping Tutorial on my website.  It has lots of troubleshooting and training for your body and brain to work together to keep the hoop moving.  There are also lots of tips on keeping the hoop from dropping on one side.  Hope this helps.


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