What is your fav song to hoop to? Genre?
I dont have one yet but I figure this should make for a good discussion 

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My favorite song for hooping is Say Hey by Michael Franti.

For hooping (and running since I do that as well) I like hip hop although I don't generally listen to it doing other things. Slightly strange but I like the beat.

I also have some hang drum music that is fantastic to hoop to.
I listen to Schpongle, Passion Pitt, The Decemberists...I listen to a lot of things. (Yup, even 80s rock.)
it is so great how music goes so well with hooping. and so many genres work. i really enjoy bluegrass jams, and jazz is a favorite. but i can also get down to the beatles or the beach boys and the likes. but i also agree that hip hop can be really good for hooping because of the beat. i haven't tried michael franti yet, but i love him so he might be on my next playlist!
I really like pop and rock. I find I need lyrics to hoop. :/ Right now I'm really enjoying Fuego by Pit Bull which is odd because it's not really my style music wise.

the Rusted Root song "Send Me on My Way".

If you've seen the movie Matilda you'll immidately recognize it when you hear it.

All those "I'm in a good mood!!!" - songs :DD Anything inspiring, fun and groovy... but they shouldnt be too hyper and fast... Electro swing works well! :)

Something like this for example :P


Love it^^

I just got my hoop two days ago, but I'm already having so much fun hooping mainly because of the music! :)

My favorite song to hoop to is this right now:


That song is not exactly a good example for what I usually listen to most of the time so
I definitely want to try out different genres in the future. Electro swing sounds like a good idea! :)

I love this song! :D I didn't even heard of the term electro swing until I got into hooping, but now I love it.

I love hooping to Pretty Lights. Finally Moving by Pretty Lights is a top, but really his whole discography is perfecto! Gramatik is killer stuff but sometimes it can be a bit repetitive. You don't treat me no good by Sonia Dada is also one I can't help but spin to!

Latley I have been hooping to Golden by Jill Scott (R & B) also Robot by Lecrae (Christian) but, I have a huge variety of songs that I listen too.....

I have a broad musical palette and am experimenting with: Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Brian Setzer Orchestra, A Tribe Called Red, The Art of Noise, The Clash, B-52s, Duran Duran, Daft Punk, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Carbon/Silicon, Orbital, Yoko Kano (specifically the Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In the Shell soundtracks), Huun Huur Tu, Big Audio Dynamite.  Soma FMs Tag's Trip and Suburbs of Goa offer great hooping tunes if you want to be surprised.

I like Paramore and Lindsey Stirling.


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