Is anyone else getting spam from this group?! i keep getting this random messages about stocks and job markets and whatever, but its not showing up on the groups page... veeeeery suspicious...

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I do, too. I looked up their supposed author “Jennifer Hagge” in the hoopers database but it couldn't find anyone with that name. Annoying. Maybe we should alert HC's moderators?
ya we should let them know, who's the moderator, safire?
That's because the name is Jenifer, with single "n". I tried to find something like "report profile", but couldn't, so I gave up for the mo.
oooh i just looked up jenifer with one n and she is on here! i wonder if she has a corrupt account or something or if she's purposely spamming?

I'd guess spamming, but you can never be sure.

EDIT: I googled her, and apparently she (?) has been spamming a couple of other sites, some of them already got her banned.

EDIT 2: I sent a report about this account, let's see if it helps.

Me too. They have only showed up in my inbox as far as I know.
so apparently the account sending out the spam has been suspended, yay! :D
same here.


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