Hi guys!  I'm in Invercargill.  I've done a couple of searches on the Internet and also in Invers for suppliers who might stock the tubing required for making your own hoops.  Any suggestions?

I'm heading to Diacks Nurseries - they've got a 15mm (half inch) tubing with a little bit of give, so I'm hoping this is the coveted 125psi that everyone recommends.  

My current hoop must be a 1inch 160psi.  I was given it a month ago and then discovered this whole hooping world!  My 7 year old would like her own hoop and I'd like a thinner one for SaFire's tutorials :)  

Hubby works at Super Cheap Auto - I'm heading there for electrical and gaffa tape!  Can we order 'the pretty stuff' within NZ?

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Will go grab some folk over to come help, then will digest the info myself :o)
Please hold!
sob, my hoop is way too light, even with a layer of gaffer tape :( The stuff at Mico Plumbing is the same as my first hoop.
Wonder if Plastic Box has anything...will put on tomorrows to do list!

I posted over here as well so hopefully someone else will answer soon, if you're on (the dratted) FB then do pop on in, we need more in our group there as well...cos I keep forgetting to post in here :D


Thanks :) I'm not on Facebook...used to be, but got fed up with the inane things people would say...but now I've more time for Hoop City ;)

Jessica loves the lighter, floppier hoop that I made...and when she accidently hefts it into the universe it's not going to do as much damage as our heavier one! Had a girlfriend hooping this arvo; she's keen!

I've been trying to lure my friends over here with biscuits and chocolate but so far it's not working - i MUCH prefer it over here too...people Over There have this weird habit of sharing way too much of their personal life when all you want to do is just hang & chat :D


I cut down my first hoop, which then was way too light to learn with, and use that for off bosy slinging around, tis a good size and when it inevitably hits something there's no TING :o)

That clip was brilliant!  Love the music - love hearing something on the radio and thinking I must right that down to hoop to one day :)  


Had a blast today hooping outside for the first time - out the back, a bit more private than the front yard...though the front will be more level...I'm working up to taking it to the park!  


I'D leave Facebook for chocolate and biscuits :)  

Hi, just wondering how you got on with your hoop you thought was too light?  I made one with some tubing from Bunnings and thought the same at first, now I actually think its great, off body stuff is a breeze and I get a better workout with on body stuff.  I do still have trouble with some on body stuff, like I have to turn in direction of flow to shoulder hoop, but wondering if thats just a matter of practice and will eventually get it with this hoop too, regardless how light?

I ended up giving the too-light hoop to a friend so she could work on off body stuff, the tubing on that was so flimsy that you could pinch it between two fingers and have your fingers meet :o)
I now have both a travel hoop that I won for Hoopfest from Frenchie (Claire French)  and one from Ms LeStrange that I traded my polypro for, which are of a weight, and perfect for off body with NO pinchy finger syndrome :D

And yeah, I hear from tutorials that the not turning while shoulder hooping is just plum practising - This video from Anah where she helps break it down (I am still breaking it down, can get 3 rotations standing still...its a start!)

Wow, thats crazy light, I can't pinch mine between my fingers although it does bend when I try to do breaks :-(  Thanks for the video, I'll keep working on it (can manage to stay still hooping on my shoulders with my heavy large beginners hoop, but the smaller light hoop I can't even manage one rotation stationary, LOL).  Great tutorial, goes so much deeper than anything else I'd seen so far on shoulder hooping.  

My pleasure!
Hey, there's a group on (that dratted) facebook called New Zealand Hoopers you should come and join if you've not already, we've a thriving healthy community going on there...and in NZ in general, be nice to have you there with us!

thanks, have just joined!  


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