I see the old thread was pretty old so I wanted to reach out again and see if there are any Hoopers in Cincinnat/Dayton.  Would love to put together an event if there is interest.

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I'm in the Cincinnati area and would love to be involved in a hoop group!
I would love to join a local hooping group.  I'm in West Chester.
Me too, me too! I'm in West Chester, too.
We do an Open Hoop Jam once a month in Dayton.  Here's the facebook event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=231056126946470   Would love to see some of you there!
Cinci hooper :) Let's hoop!

Just moved to Hamilton, right between Dayton n Cinci, and would LOVE some people to hoop with!! Learning is easier in numbers!! Keep me posted-thanx!

Hey! Yea I know this thread is a couple months old, but I would love to join a group. I am in the Oxford area, equally far from Dayton and Cincinnati. It would be awesome to continue my hoop education with people. :)

I live in Cincinnati, and I'm totally down to hoop.

Im in Dayton! :)


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