Im trying to get hooping down, but its not happening the way i would like. I live in beaverton and use trimet to get around, so with that in mind... where can i go to learn hooping. I think i need someone to help me and point out what im doing wrong and such. I would love to join a class or even meet someone some where for one on one lessons, ill pay/ buy you dinner...anything!

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Hey lady i live in Portland around 66th an foster. I would love to get together and hoop! I can definitely help you out and teach you new tricks!! Let me know if your interested!
heck yes i am! i live in beaverton and work a ton. i also take public transport, but i would love to meet up asap! ill meet up where ever (god bless trimet!)
I just moved here a couple months ago do I'm not totally familiar with everything yet. Im still looking for a job so I have plenty of free time. I do have a car aS well so that will help. Let me know your schedule and let's find a time this weekend maybe? Lemme know!

Hi!  I live in Beaverton and my girlfriends and I get together at the Beaverton 24hour fitness and hoop in the group room when they aren't having classes.  Do you happen to have a membership?  It's right on the MAX line too :)  If not, maybe we could figure out another time to meet up!  Good luck to ya and I hope to meet you.

Hey I don't have a membership but would totally get one! I would really love to get together! I have a lot of free time let's plan something soon

Hey there, it looks like you have already found some support for your emerging love of hooping. I just wanted to throw out to you that I've got a Beginner Class starting up next week. It will take you through the basics to some pretty fancy new tricks. The Saturday classes are in the afternoon and located not too far off of the MAX Line. You can find out more at Good luck!


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