Where do all the Portland hoopers hoop besides in classes?  Are there any get togethers in North Portland?  I don't have a car so some of the weekly hoop jams that I am aware of (SE) don't work for me.  Now that the weather will be getting nicer soon, I would like to bring my hoops out.  If anyone would like to get together sometime for hula hooping or hoop making, let me know!

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Hi Stephanie,

Are there any open spaces with cover in North Portland near you? A covered basketball court in a nearby park?
I'm itching to get outside too but the grass is still so wet! Any big indoor spaces that would let us play for a couple of hours for an affordable rate?

Let's hoop!

Hi Paige!

I know the Peninsula Rose Garden has a gazebo, probably enough room for a couple of hoopers.  Also, I think that Alberta Park has a covered basketball court.  That's a short bike ride away, as long as I can figure out how to bike with a hula hoop, I haven't tried that yet.  Ooh and maybe Columbia park?


If the weather is somewhat decent on Monday I'd love to get out.  It is a work day for me, but right now I don't have any clients booked.  Saturday might also be possible, but at this point I think I will be kayaking that day.  I'd love to find a group of people where you can just say, hey let's go hooping in an hour, you free?

We are hoping to launch a huge hoop jam in N Portland for Playground Phenomenon! Stay tuned! Let me know if you get some awesome out door hoop jam going. Hopefully we can get Laurelhurst park going again once summer is officially here :)
I've never heard of Playground Phenomenon before, I just looked it up and it sounds amazing!  Can't wait for summer to get here, I'm getting antsy!

I know that Believe Movement Studios has a hoop jam on Sundays from 2-4 with and without a DJ sometimes. It's a three or five dollar donation.

Here is their link:


The address is: 728 NE Dekum Street Portland, Oregon 97211 (map) - 503.285.5005

Hope to see you there!


Zig Zag

This is nice and close to my house!  Although Sundays are my busiest days of work, but I will definitely try to make it when I have slow days.  Thanks for letting me know about this!
I am on Hayden Island, so I would LOVE to do anything in this part of town!
Yay, we will have  to get together soon!
I will be moving up to Portland at the end of Summer and would love to meet all you fine hoopers for some hoop sessions =] How's the hooping community up there?


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