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In this lesson you'll be introduced to hooping on the legs. Knee hooping can take a lot of practice and has many different skills levels and challenges before mastery. This tutorial will introduce you to the basic concepts and help you get starting maintain the hoop on your knees and thighs. The other tutorial will help you break down raising the hoop up from the your knees to your waist with no hands.

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Love the one leg hooping tutorial.....going to grab my hoop to try it! Thanks :)

Hi Safire,

Is there another tutorial by you or someone else that shows how to lift the hoop up by hand when you're hooping on one leg?

Not that I know of.  I've got on in the classes.

Here a tip!

Practice the arm movement needed to vortex the hoop up from down low by laying the hoop down on the ground.  Have it tucked just behind your heels, reach down behind your leg, pick up the hoop from the inside and then Vortex it all the way up SUPE FAST!  This will start training you arm and shoulder for the move and then it's just a case of grabbing the hoop in motion while it's on you leg and bending the upper leg in and out of the way as you lift. 


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