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Here we'll learn a fun off body move called the helicopter. I'll also show you how to manipulate the hoop with your hand using a Surface Switch. Surface switching is used all kinds of places in hoop dance and is a useful skill to have.

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HI, I taught myself this move by watching someone do it before I found this tutorial, but instead of ending up base to base at the front I was giving it an extra little spin and ending up with it kind of between my finger and thumb on the handing off hand - I can do it ok, but still end up with it flying off into space sometimes, do you think this is because of the way I do it (finger and thumb being obviously less stable than a full base to base grip) or do you think I just need more practice?

Yep!  That variation is common, this is my "beginner" style helicopter tutorial. A lot of people fall into the front transition naturally over time though.  More practice will certainly help, also you can pinch quit strongly with the pad of your hand just under your 1st finger and your thumb as you pass of in the front, it gives you more control and you can put some energy into it even with just that space space of your hand. 

Cool, thanks for that, will keep practicing :-)


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