Do you need a ride to Return to Roots?

Have space and willing to offer a ride? This is the place to do it!


Please remember to post your contact info (email and/or phone number) so people reading can contact you. This will really help if it's last minute or you don't get a chance to go back on Hoopcity again.

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Hello fellow Philadelphians.  Name:  Tara Ringling.  26 year old hooper.  Need a ride to R2R from Philadelphia.  Available to depart LATE thursday (sept 15th) or anytime Friday.  Bringing: myself (120 LBS. 5'7"), one duffel bag, one backpack, one LED hoop 33" & one travel hoop.  Need to return for work on Monday morning.  Please call (412) 295 - 5101 ASAP if you can help.  Or email  Thanks!


If you haven't found a ride yet I can car pool with you. I'm going to leave either on Thursday night or early Friday morning. Email me if you need a ride -

Malia, thank you so much!   Tara did find a ride!  Looking forward to hooping with you!   xo
Hey everyone! I am going to R2R on Saturday only. I will be leaving from Altoona, PA (central PA) at 5am on Saturday morning, and we will be returning approximately between 9 - 10pm Saturday night.  I'm taking a minivan, and I have room for at least 2 more people (possibly 3).  Message me on here, or email me at  if you are interested.  Thanks!

Hey everybody, sorry for the delay in reponse: our forums on have been a bit more consistent with activity, go check 'em out:


Also, be sure to check out our travel info page, where you can sign up for our mailing list which will be sending out a group-connection email within the next couple days:



Hooptravelers from North Carolina, let me hear ya!  I am looking to see who is coming to R2R from the Raleigh area in North Carolina.  A hoop-sister wants to share your ride with you.   Contact me directly at and spread the word.    Lotsa lotsa love....xo.
Tara and Kim....I'll be sending an email today or tonight to various Pennsylvania R2R travelers, including y'all.    Looking forward to hooping with you!

Also, everyone: if you find the event getting close and no one traveling on the same days as you, be sure to check out Philly and NYC commercial travel options linked on our travel page:

Ride Offer from Philly:


I'll be leaving from West Philly either on Thursday evening or early Friday morning and leaving on Monday. I am camping so if you're staying at a hotel I can probably drop you off if it is close. If you need a ride from Philly let me know. I don't mine car pooling if you help pay for gas. You can email me at 



Malia, I'm looking forward to meeting you!   I will most likely give a very brief talk around the time of the opening circle to hook people up in person with local ride mojo.   Thanks so much for the generosity, looking forward to hooping with you!


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