I'm (Brecken) doing a Workshop in San Diego on Jan 14-15th ...anyone down??

I'm coming to San Diego to teach a weekend workshop on Jan 14-15th. I'm really looking forward to it and would love to have you all there. here's the event page i made of Facebook. and there are other details at crappy website (still works): hooping.me



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I am SO excited! My darling husband treated me with this and I'm so pumped! I havent been hooping as much since Ive been making so many hoop and hoop bags but I am planning on getting back in hoop shape before that weekend!

yess! see you there ;)

If I could say "I'm in!" in 20 different languages, I would.

awesome! would love to see you there!

I'm just a little nervous cuz I'm not magical like you. Iv only been at this for a few months. I hope I can keep up!

oh, you'll be fine. it's all levels. rest assured. ...magical. bah

I cant wait too!  I am so excited and happy! Woo Hoo, this is going to be so awesome, my very first workshop EVER! Punkee and I will arrive arm in arm bringing lot's of Mother/Daughter Hoop Love!


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