Hi all you Sonoma County Hoopers,

I have started a Sonoma County Hoop Group on yahoo to make it easy to connect and set up hoop jams.  I am new to this so let me know if you have any tips or problems.  It is beautiful and sunny out today and it makes want to get out and hoop with others.



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Hi Jessica,


There's a growing hoop group here in Napa too. If you're ever interested, the group gets together every Saturday, noon to 2:00. You can link up on Facebook under Napa Hoopers for updates.



whoops... I guess I should tell you where in Napa. It's at Fuller Park, at the corner of Jefferson & Clark :)
Thanks for the info. I normally work saturdays, but if I ever am able I will be happy to join you.
No problem. And a correction on the location: it's at the corner of Jefferson & Oak. Hope you can make it one day :)

I'm super new to hooping.. Really as of like a week or so ago have I started picking up my step daughter's walmart hoop.. But i've been obbsessing over videos for a month or so! hahaha but I'm interested in surrounding myself with other hoopers to fuel my fire! What happens when people go to hoop groups? o.o?

Well you need an adult hoop if you do not have one already.  At least it makes it eaiser.  I have never been to a hoop group, however, I imagnine that there is hooping and sharing of hoop ideas.  I recommend checking out the Napa hoop group since there is no consistant one in this area.  Now that winter is coming it may be harder to get outside.  I would love to have a local Hoop Group on Sundays in the spring next year.  I hope you are having fun experiencing hooping.


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