LOCALS, you know that awesome drum circle they have in Golden Gate every Sunday(Or maybe weekend?)? Us kids should go rock out to those people because it would be fun, and it's been so sunny lately :)

Guys let me know who would come! I've never done anything like this cause I'm rather new but I think it' would be a fun way for us 'Friscans to connect and maybe even get some little kiddies interested because it's right near a playground.. Anyhow, let's do it!

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if we can get a few people, i'm so down!

I'm new to hooping and I don't know any hoopers in the area, I'd love to meet some people and jam out in GGPark! You're talking about the area near hippy hill, correct?

yup that's the area :)

I would love to go too!

I'm down! I'm fairly new to the Bay area as well and would love to meet some other hoopers!

I still want to do this, however, financial situations and relocation has made it a bit difficult to get to the park for me. You guys should for sure get some friends and go hoop this weekend! How awesome would it be to finally make it back to the city and see all your beautiful faces hooping near the drum circle :)

I'll be sure to announce when I can make it though- like I said before, let's get this thing started

Hi there! I'm new to CA and looking for some amazing people to travel, practice, craft (costumes!), and play with ^.^  ... interested in fire :) Want to jam and tune our skills? 

Yes! Of course mama. name the time and place

Hooping in GG park sounds great!

count me in!


I know it's lame I proposed this awesome idea and then immediately moved away to South Lake, HOWEVER, I strongly suggest you guys that have shown interest go hoop in up by hippie hill! I know on Sundays there is a wonderful drum circle, so there's not even a need to bring sound.

Hooray! And hoopfully (haha, punny) I can join you guys sometime!

Have loads of fun <3


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