Hey ho! A friend and I are planning on moving out to the San Francisco area to get a new perspective on things in the coming year. We were hoping some San Fran hoopers could let us in on the best places in San Fran to hoop, and whether there's more hoop interest in different parts of San Francisco. Any information or comments on awesome San Francisco in general is welcome :).

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Ill be moving to SF in March! Golden Gate park is great for hooping, its so big!! I cant wait to get to the top of Buena Vista Park with my hoop too, it looks o ut over the whole bay <3
=]!!!!!!!!! im moving to oakland in march. words cant express my feelings =]

I'll be moving to Atwater in March (about 2.5 hr from San Fran)! I'm beyond excited!!

I've lived in Michigan my whole life, I'm soo ready for a change of scenery!

Woowww I am moving out to SF bay this March too. Tis the month it looks like? I'm so excited to connect with hoopers out west!


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