Is there anyone that hoops around here other than me? I would love to get together...and share in all the strange confused looks that people give me when hooping Ha

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I'm not up there, but I know someone at Mississippi State who might be interested in meeting up.  She's been to a couple of jams here when she's home and she enjoyed it.  If you want to get in touch with her, I can pass your email along to me; message me the address if you're interested.

Hi, I'm in Starkvegas :).  I work on campus.  I spin staff and hoop a little, and it would be fun to know more people here!



Yay! We'll have to meet up! And you were dead on about the username haha! I'll message you.
Hey ladies, I'm not in 'Vegas, but I'm just south of you on the other side of the Refuge - do y'all ever go there to hoop? I've only been hooping a few days, but I'm obsessed. I wake up thinking about it and eager to push through the bruises from hours of hooping the day before. Either of you going to make Panic in Tuscaloosa?


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