Hey Hoopers! My name is Nikki and I'm 21 years old. I just recently moved to Memphis (Cordova) Tennessee. I'm also very new to hooping. I have played around with a bunch of other skill toys so I figured I try out hooping. I haven't had the best luck meeting cool people to hang out with since I've been down here. I feel like I'm becoming more of a home body every day. PLEASE MEMPHIS HOOPERS!!!! :)

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Hey Nikki! A very warm welcome to Memphis! And to hoop dance! I just saw your message and had to reply, even though I moved from Memphis a year ago. I'm Nadia, a variety performer and instructor, and a student of life. Memphis is filled with many creative people, especially flow artists like yourself. Just find out the places you like to hang; any clubs, bars, concert venues, festivals etc. and you will surely see someone spinning a hoop at some point. I would recommend checking out the weekly drum circle first, at Overton Park in Midtown Memphis. There used to be spin jams with the drum circle too, I'd hope they still have them. If you just started hooping, I'd find out about classes and jams like these. There is a group of hoopers teaching called the Hooper Troopers, you can find them here on HoopCity, and I believe they teach classes.


I'll be in Memphis for a performance called Burnish www.burnish2circusablaze.com Oct 21-23, so i'll likely be jamming with old friends - we would love to have you! I'll message you my number, that way you can also meet some other spinners and get to know some the community :).


There are also many hoopers in surrounding areas in Mississippi, Nashville, and Chattanooga :P.




I bought a LED hoop in a spur of the moment online retail therapy session. I couldn't even hoop around the waist when I ordered it! Once I played with it for the first time I was pretty much hooked. Through my research of Memphis hoopers I saw all these awesome videos of you hooping and doing fire poi. I was awwed! Then I found out you taught classes.... then I found out you moved :( But that made hearing from you a super topping to my day! Thank you! My boyfriend and I moved down here around 3 months ago for his job after graduation.. And we know NOONE at ALL! Haha we wanted to find people who share our hobbies and interests and hopefully find some new friends around us. It was a shock not knowing anyone.  We were really interested in the drum circle because we play around with a few different skill toys. Do you know the time that they meet up at the park? We are really hoping to come next week! I'm so happy to find so many people are so welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. I could keep Blabbing all day long! Just really excited to learn and full of energy. I would love to come chill with you guys if you wouldn't mind. Thank you for making my day! Im going to read up of the performance.. See about ticket prices and all that. I hope to meet you very soon keep in touch and lets exchange numbers before the Memphis show.


Nikki, your message has made MY day! Thank you, and I can very much relate to being in a new city. I've moved twice already and my boyfriend and I will be moving again come next year. In my travels I also find myself researching the flow scene to meet new friends to play with. Where are you originally from? If you aren't familiar with the city of Memphis yet, don't worry, it's not as bad as it might look, and Cordova is a great area to be in ^.^. Southern hospitality is definitely eminent and especially after moving, I'm very proud of where I'm from. 


The drum circle meets at Overton Park every Sunday 2-5, weather permitting. The spin jams in the past have been filled with variety prop manipulation artists; hoopers, poi spinners, jugglers, and belly dancers. It has always been very open, and the park is definitely dog friendly. There are a few picnic tables also and a big pond where your furry friend will likely want to jump in ;). The Levitt Shell amphitheater across the way also offers a free concert series, so in the past it's been nice when you can go to the spin jam and then enjoy some free music. This is also the same venue where the Burnish2 performance will take place (and that's also free). Oh and it's right by the Zoo too :D. I have no doubt you'll be making new friends in no time :).


Talking to you makes me miss Memphis so much! I have a wedding to go to Sat Oct 22 and we should be jamming that evening; I'll keep in touch.




I am so excited to see the Burnish2 performance! Totally going to be there. We go up to Overton park to eat lunch alot since its near my boyfriends work. This drum circle is the coolest thing we have found since we have been here. I can't wait to share our love of skill toys!! It's seems like its been forever for people who "understand" :) 

Glad I could make your day! You did the same for me. I'm originally from a very very small souther town near st. louis. I went to school about an hour and a half away from home... in another small town.. Then all bright eyed and bushy tailed followed my boyfriend here to start our future together. WE JUST NEED FRIENDS! haha It's seems so goofy-- I always think people are going to think im odd... well in a bad way!

:) Hope to see you soon



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