I'm new to hooping and I'd love to meet some people to help and groove with! I'm in the Downtown area, and there are tons of parks we can meet. Let me know if there are any of you willing!


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Hi Luna Robb,

I'm not far from Riverside, I'm a newbie and a bit older than you but if you set something up that isn't during "traditional" work hours, I'd be willing to be there.  I know a couple of other women that would probably like to join. 

That's nice! Please let me know as well.
I'm open for whatever you like! I work too, usually early during the weekdays and late on the weekend. What time frame would work for you, are you in a standard 9-5?

I'm pretty close to Riverside as well, I'm usually downtown on Tuesday nights while my boyfriend plays a few gigs. I would love to get together and hoop it up!

Didjya ever meet with people?

Hey Hoopers, 

2 years later I'm joining in, haha. I just moved from OC to IE and I'm looking to connect with other local hoopers. If anyone is still interested, please let me know! My weeks are crazy, but I'm free all day Sunday to jam! I've been hooping for a long time and would even be willing to do some quick lessones to get us hooping, haha. Let me know <3 

I'm here! I haven't hooped in a while but I just found this in my old email! I better update.
I'm free Sundays a lot. I hope others will come. Have you gone to Meetup.com?


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