I just recently moved to Tucson and am looking for some people to hoop with. Pretty simple!

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Welcome to Tucson! There is a performance hoop troupe in town called Orbital Evolution, which I just became a member of. We have (casual/informal) classes on Wednesdays from 6-7pm at Himmel Park for $10. But, I just watched one of your videos and it looks like you could teach me some moves! Lol There is usually a free hoop jam at Himmel park on Sundays but i havent been to that in a while ans im not sure its still happening. we're also now doing a free LED jam once a month. The next one is at the end of august. Anyway, you can find OrbitalnEvolution on facebook. id be happy to get together and hoop anytime! :)
Sorry for all the typos, iPad typing is tricky!


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