I'm looking for hoop storage bags that are bigger than 36" and hold more than 12 hoops - any suggestions?

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I make hoophuggers that hold 42" diameter hoops, up to 12 or 15, but any more than that and it's too heavy to carry. For classes I use a 3 hugger system - one hugger for class hoops (~12), one for my personal hoops and sparkly hoops (~ 10, and I use these if class is bigger) and one for premade hoops to sell. I only open up what I need, and take out the hoops I use, it prevents people from just helping themselves to my own hoops which is useful at a big jam. Plus, it's eye candy, keeps your hoops organized, clean and easier to manage.


 I sell them for $25, and I'll be bringing them to HoopCon. It's an easy pattern (in my head, I haven't written it out), and materials cost ~$15 to make. There's a pic on my website www.rainedancehoops.blogspot.com under the hoopshop. Let me know if I can help!

spacebags..extra large infomercial kind..they are perfect and inexpensive
Here is a durable 42" enclosed bag with zipper... http://www.organize.com/42-inch-wreath-chest.html (substitue one big round wreath with many many hoops, and detachable center bag for hoop accessories) :)

I just saw a post about this bag:



I have always made my own.


I purchase 4 yards of decently strong fabric and 10 yards of  decently strong cord that won't fray.

My sewing machine actually died on me, so I started handmaking these...


Itake one long edge, and sew it over so that it has about 1-2 inches of space between the new edge and the stitching (you make a long mini-tube with it, a casing.). Do this to the other edge. Yes, that's 8 feet of straight stitching!


Then, with the wrong side out, fold the fabric in half so that the short ends meet each other, and the casings line up with each other. You sew this together, too, except for the the casings.


Cut the cord in half.


After that, you attatch the cord to a gigantic safety pin or something, and push 5 feet of cord through each side of the casing and tie the ends together with a square knot (left over right, right over left).


Then, you can just use each side like a drawstring bag.


I fit 60 hoops into mine for my wedding. Yes, I was still able to carry it myself!

Thanks everyone...  :)


Hey y'all, I've just registered with etsy for my hoop huggers, I have a few in stock before I go to HoopCon. http://www.etsy.com/shop/rainedancehoops?ref=pr_shop_more Reasonably priced, great quality, easy to transport eye candy for your beautiful precious hoops.

 Here's a pic of me with my hoop hugger system, easily carrying 45+ hoops - 16 class hoops in the tiedye blue cover, 8 premade ready-to-sell hoops in the mermaid blue hugger, 8 personal hoops in my blue velvet hugger, and 14 small hoops in the twins/off body multi colour hugger.


urgh, can't upload the pic, but it's actually a good picture of me with my hoops. I wish I could share, I'm having probs with hoopcity posting....?


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