I'm thinking about going and hooping all day! I was wondering if any of you were thinking of going, it would be nice to have some hoop buddies since I just moved to Texas recently and I have absolutely no one to hoop with and hardly anyone to hang out with so, I figured it would be a good oppurtunity for us to get out and hoop, have some fun and hopefully make friends! :)


Can I get a head count?

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i think i'm going! i'm also a lonely dallas area hooper. i look forward to meeting you. :)
Sweet! hopfully see you there, look for a LED hoop and a really loud girl :)
When is the Carnival? I'm from Colorado, but my family will be in Dallas from the 22nd to the 26th and we are still looking for stuff to do while we're there. If the carnival is during those days, then I would love to hoop with you! Or if you have any other ideas for stuff to do while were there, I'd love to hear them!! My brother is 12 so no bars. :( Thanks!
I'm going! Thank you so much for posting this in the forums! I live in a small town an hour out of Dallas and we never hear about anything cool like this that goes on up there.
I'll definitely be there, LED hoop in hand! :D
What the heck is it. The website doesn't have much details, just a date.
it's an art and electronic music fest at fair park. it costs $30.
That looks like a lot of fun, I've been trying to find hoopers in my area (couple hours south of Dallas) to hoop with and so far I've had not a whole lot of luck. So I'll definately try to make it to this shindig, I'll be the tiny orcish girl with a fabric covered hoop.
Michelle- I wouldn't recommend this as a family outting, it's 16 and up I believe but there is one going on in Colorado if you're still interested, the dates are on the website I posted. But like I said there is alcohol there and it's more of a party atmosphere then again I don't know you're family, if you check out the one for L.A. you'll see kind of what it's like. The one in L.A. is the actual official daisy carnival but they are having mini ones everywhere else this year which is good news for us!

My LED hoop doesn't work now, go figure so I guess I'll just find you guys instead. I was super stoked to find this going on in Texas I love going to festivals/electronica events and I hadn't found many in Texas until now.

Brookelynne- Where do you live?near houston? you might be near me and if so we should totally get together.
i'll be there!! :D
Woo, this looks like a blast! I'm trying to get the day off from work as I type. If that works, I'm SO going. :D *fingers crossed*
I'm in!!! I will pimp my led hoop and probably made one for my fav hoopin' husband....Let's hang out!!! Brooklynne, see you there????
Most definately! I've got it marked on my calendar, and I'm bringing along the Cleburne crew :)


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