Hi, I've noticed we had a few regional UK hoop groups here, and a Europe wide group, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a country (or two-country) group as well.


As for me; I'm Hazel, living in Bristol, a city with a hoop scene so big I forget not everyone hoops sometimes... I've been hooping nearly 2 years, still lovin' it!


 So please, introduce yourself!



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Hi Hazel! I'm Amelia and I'm based in Plymouth, yay for the South West!
I have a hoop question! I hoop with a 32" and am looking to buy an LED hoop, but the LEDs at Rainbow only go down to 34 :( Would it be possible to custom order a 32 inch LED?
I have a sort-of similar query... I have a 38" LED hoop that I had custom made (at great expense!) in the US, and now hardly use as I am used to a smaller hoop. Do you know any one over here that might be able to make it smaller? It would need a section taking out and one of the LED's removed from the circuit... I have no idea if this is even possible!
Hey, I have the same problem as you! I have a 38" PSI hoop that is way too big for me now. did you find out if anyone can do this over here. The alternative would be to sell it on, and put the money toward a new one, which is what I'm considering.,:/

Hey, I'm Ele and live near Exeter. Really want some south-west hooping friends to practice together.


Hi Ele! I organise a weekly Hoop Jam in Plymouth. If we can get enough people interested and a venue sorted, we're hoping to run a big monthly jam session for the SW. Is that something you'd be interested in?
Hallooooo Uk hooper here, Lonely from Grimsby. Need some hoop pals to play with!!!
Hello hoopers, I'm Amanda - and I live and hoop in Cumbria (with the occasional hoop in East Yorkshire when visiting family)!

hey! I'm Ri :) ive only been hooping for a couple of months, really love it. my hoop is quite heavy but its good for now, looking for a lighter hoop to trick with

i live in West Yorkshire but i'm moving to London before christmas :)


love and light


Hey Ri, whereabouts in London are you moving to? Fancy a jam sometime, let me know, I'd like to meet some more hoopers!

Hello UK hoopers!


Thought I'd introduce myself too, I'm Jody and I'm up in Edinburgh, Scotland :). Hopefully I'm not the only hooper living here! Been hooping for a little over 2 months now, I'm addicted!


Peace :) xx

Hi Jody, Hi Everyone!


There are hoopers in Edinburgh! We use facebook to meet up when we can:






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