Hey guys, I just stumbled upon a really disturbing article about the tomato industry.. it's actually excerpts from the book Tomatoland.


It explains how the tomato industry in Florida, which is what most of the U.S. relies on for tomatoes in the winter, is a hotbed for slavery and other awful treatment. One part that really stood out for me:

"When I asked Molloy if it was safe to assume that a consumer who has eaten a fresh tomato from a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or food-service company in the winter has eaten a fruit picked by the hand of a slave, he corrected my choice of words. 'It’s not an assumption. It is a fact.'”


I wanted to spread the word, because I imagine there are a lot of people who aren't aware of this - I sure wasn't! I also wanted to find out - do any of you grow your own tomatoes or other veggies in the winter? I've never had my own garden, indoor or outdoor, but I've always wanted to and this definitely increases my motivation. Any tips or advice are appreciated.


A friend asked me recently, if I'm a vegetarian am I also concerned with making sure my food choices aren't hurting/enslaving humans? I am, but am woefully uninformed. This article really brought that point home to me... just one more thing to think about.

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Hi Peace&Honey,
Thank you for this post.
I think that as consumers its impossible to fully understand and know where/how our food is coming to us.
It's a sad but very real reality.
I live in ohio and growing a garden in the winter would be impossible. I do, however grow a sizeable garden in the summer. And as of last year began canning my veggies. (which is much easier than one would think)
This year, Im going to try stewing my own tomatoes and am hoping that gets me through the next growing season...

I truly believe that if you live with intention and as honestly as you can...you are making an effort. We cant change all the ills of the world. Being veggie is a big step in creating a lighter footprint. Being conscious in any way is applaudable. You do what you know...and now we know what tomato farming involves and can begin to make more informed choices.
Thank you for this post.


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