Hey everyone! I'm looking for more hoopers in the Northern Virginia area to hoop with. So much of what's on Meetup is for hoop classes and I'm looking more for hoop and spin jams, since I'm already teaching.

I live in Reston and spend a lot of time in Herndon. There always seems to be events going on in DC/Alexandria/Arlington but it can be hard to get there so I would love to have something more central to Fairfax County, or even western Fairfax County (and Loudoun County). Are there enough of us (even just a couple would be awesome!) to start some get togethers?

Hope to meet some other hoopers!

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I work in Chantilly which is only like 15-20 minutes away. I'm totally down for meetups, hopefully we can find more peeps! :)
I would love to!. I live just down the parkway in Springfield  so I'd be up for it too.  Also depending on how far you are willing to travel there are weekly jams at George Mason on monday nights too.
Yay! Love seeing responses! I've definitely seen the GMU Meetups and have been meaning to go but I'm a journalist and I've had to work most Monday nights until recently covering meetings, so hopefully I can go soon. Would you ladies be up for something on a weeknight or a weekend? I feel like a Thursday evening or a Sunday afternoon/evening would be good.
I'm down for weeknights... Thursday would work for sure! I get off at 5 M-F :)

Hey! NoVA hooper and facilitator here. Try checking out the following meetup.com groups: Freedom Flow Hoopdance-NOVA (hosts jams in Herndon), Hoop Dance DC! (jams and events in DC, MD and eastern NoVA), and Northern VA Hoops, Jugglers, and Spinners (host the GMU Monday meetup).


For additional meetups, join the DC MD VA  Hula Hooping group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_160199134021823&ap=1

This is a free-for-all group where anyone can post, so if you feel like hooping one day, just send a message and get your own jam going.


There currently aren't many regularly held jams because everyone is so spread out, so each Herndon, GMU, Arlington, etc. jam only gets a few people and sometimes none, which makes it hard on the facilitator especially if they have to rent and reserve the space every week. It is very hard to find free space (especially indoors) so most people just hold classes in order to pay for the space, get people committed to coming every week, and make a bit of money. If it were easier to get around NoVA I think bigger groups would get together more often. 



Yeah, I definitely think that's the biggest issue. It's so hard to get from one place to another sometimes, and I always feel a little down when something cool is happening in DC or MD and I just can't get there.

I figure more jams in more locations = more opportunities to meet and hoop together, so I thought perhaps if I organized another sorta regular but informal outdoor one it would just provide people another chance to hoop. It seems there's a few of us in the Ashburn/Herndon/Reston area as well, and I'd love to get to know more local hoopers.

The girl I was regularly hooping with lived in Reston/Vienna but is in Panama/Spain for a year so now I feel like a lonely hooper. I should be at the Saturday hoop jam in Herndon, though! :)

You were hooping with Maddy?! We went to college together :) It is a bummer that she's gone! Hopefully I can meet you at the GMU meetup (I'm always so tired Monday after work, bleck) or maybe I'll get something going in Fairfax/Vienna area.
Hey—I just saw this. Somehow missed it earlier. And yeah. Maddy is awesome. She was so encouraging and excited for me when I was a beginning hooper. Let me know if you plan on going to the GMU meetup sometime and I'll try and get out there too!

Colleen here from the GMU group.  I totally feel ya on the spread out thing.  I would love to go to more meetups than my own, but between the travel time and my other commitments (family, a job where I regularly work 12-hour-days, hoop-making) it certainly does feel daunting to get to more than one per week.


Tilly and Phoebe: I am currently on a lighter schedule for the summer.  I still work a lot of weekends, but if y'all contact me, maybe we can work out to host a regular summer group somewhere North of 66.  I'm also happy to donate GMU space (indoor/outdoor) on another weeknight (except for Wednesdays)


Also, this is a one-time thing but some members of my meetup group just suggested a hooping meetup at a festival in Maryland (I know, I know) in July.  I can't go because I'll be vending at a different festival, but here's the link: http://www.meetup.com/novahooping/events/22985301/

If you ever come up into the Frederick area, we do Hoop Jams about once a month.  The next one is scheduled on July 2nd in old town Frederick.  5:00 - 9:00 at the Frederick Cultural Arts Center.  Feel free to ping me if you (or anybody else) would like more info!




I just Moved to Herndon and looking for hoopers to hang with as well, I'm always free on sundays and mondays so if anythings spinning i would LOVE ppl too hoop with as well :)

Fairfax can be a hike, but I host something on Mondays at GMU:




There is also a meetup in DC at Meridian Hill Park on Sundays - usually has all kinds of spinners, jugglers, circus-arts-types, and almost always three or four hoopers (more when it's nice out).  The drive isn't too bad and parking is free in that neighborhood on Sundays:




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