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Like: Awesome one leg hooping!  It was cute when you jumped it back in.  Great toss and catch...the catch part is usually the hardest!  You move well, so the moments when you're getting more into the dancing are fun to watch.  I'd do that more often! 


Need: Sometimes your stance gets a little wide, maybe bringing your feet closer together would help it look a little more graceful.  Also, a tip: when you're vertical hooping and want to bring it to your chest, spin....getting the vertical spin is somewhat tricky, because you have to spin and stay bent at an angle, but once you master it, it makes moving the hoop up and down your body easier.  Another tip: when you do the vertical step through (around 3:00), try to spin the hoop in the other direction, it's much easier!  It should be going backwards, not forwards, it's easier to catch it.

Oh! Thanks! haha sad to say that all these videos are super old. I did happen to pick up on all those things you mentioned though, and have improved alot in the last 6 months :) Really need to make a new video, but thanks for the comment


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