I desperately want to learn these moves, I know I'm flexible enough but I just can't get them. Any advice?

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There are tons of progressions for handstands. i have coached gymnastics for 20 years so i could give some advice if you want. as for the splits, it is just a matter of proper stretching and technique. i would recommend 1 minute in each stretch (lunges and similar) at least once a day for no more than 10 mintues for 6 weeks. unfortunately there are limiting factors such as bones, muscles, tendon and ligaments which might mean you never get the splits.
Sounds good, thanks for the advice!
I'm doing headstands in my yoga class this week!

Here's a great 4 page article that i found very helpful with my headstands and if you're not already, start off by using a wall when doing a headstand, it's helps a lot.


Hope this helps :D
Here is an article from yoga journal about hanumanasana. There are a ton of articles on there with preporatory poses and general safety and instruction. I second working on hand stand against a wall. Start further away from the wall, working your way up to where your body is ninety degrees with the floor. Once you make it here hold for a few breaths and work your way up to about 10 deep breaths. Also the key lies in grounding down from your waist to crown and lengthening up from your hips to your toes while keeping a strong core. Small adjustments like flexing the feet vs pointing the toes helps. It's wise to practice these poses with a teacher at the beginning for safety, but not only that, they can sometimes see where they can make an adjustment that will give you the key to opening up within these poses. Still trying to master handstand and it will be a while before Hanumanasana will be near grasp; I have SUUUPER tight hamstrings :P. Hope all that helped!! Good luck. Peace.
Sweet, I'm book marking that page, thanks. I've gotten better with handstands... almost there I can do it against the wall now and I've gotten where I can balance for maybe like 2 seconds... slowly but surly.


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