So I came across this VERY interesting and beautiful form of yoga and was wondering if any of you have actually practiced it. I would love to learn this style, but on the website it says that the video is only for those who have practiced with an experienced teach, which makes me very sad. Its hard enough to find good yoga classes here that work with my schedule, even harder to find specific styles that I like such as jivamukti. But I wanted to hear some feedback. Im going to post the vids that are on their site, too. Shadow Yoga website.

Enjoy!! :) Peace

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I had a friend in Sydney who absolutely adored shadow yoga. I always meant to go along with her but it never happened. Sorry I can't provide any more insight, but gosh, it looks beautiful!
awh shucks... man wish i could find a class here!!
Looks like tai chi yoga fusion:)
Please be kind to your knees if you try this style...
i totally thought it looked like it blended some tai chi in there!! surprisingly, since i started doing yoga over 3 years ago, my knee pain has gotten so much better. i have severe knee problems that run in my family (gma had double knee replacement and one twice, mom needs atleast one knee replaced really bad, i have had knee pain since middle school) so i have been trying to take really good care of my knees. i actually think this styles fluid and slow movements would be good for my knees; just gotta be careful about keeping it from going over the ankle!! thank you for your concern :)
You got it babe! That was my concern. Glad to hear you have been healing! When I teach I constantly say " shoulders above wrists/ Knees above ankles :)
Wow, this is beautiful! I wish there was something like it here in Italy!

But alas, we are so behind in Italy. We only got Astanga 8 years ago, and Bikram 2 years ago!
At this rate, we'll have Shadow Yoga classes by 2050 :/


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