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  • Atlanta Hoopers

    50 members Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2014 This is a group for anyone in or near the Atlanta area who wants to meet up for practice or new tricks and tips! Look forward to meeting all of you…

  • Central PA Hoopers

    97 members Latest Activity: Sep 2, 2015 A place for hoopers in the central PA area to get to know each other, plan local hooping meet-ups, share ideas and experiences, discuss festivals,…

  • NYC Area Hoopers

    225 members Latest Activity: May 26, 2015 For those of us in the greater New York City area to connect and share opportunities and enthusiasm!

  • OC (Orange County) Hoopers

    53 members Latest Activity: Jan 14, 2013

    Connecting Orange County Hoopers with events and resources to get their spin on, share, and build a community! We post hoop jams and events…

  • Health, Medicine & Home Remedies

    94 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2015 A group for sharing health tips, talking about medicine & home remedies.

  • Missouri Show Me State Hoopers

    66 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2013 We are dedicated to ALL Missouri spin artist.Hoopers,Poi,staff,Ect.Lets get together and share our experiences,events,gatherings,…

  • Caring & Sharing

    83 members Latest Activity: Jul 15, 2014

    This group is about bartering our talents, to help each other out.

    The concept is to offer something, like making a costume, for something…

  • UK and Ireland

    99 members Latest Activity: Mar 23, 2015 A group for all British and Irish hoopers to get in contact and share information about festivals, meetups, classes and anything else!

  • Gamers

    61 members Latest Activity: Aug 16, 2014

    For you console and PC gamers!

  • Healthy Hoopers

    175 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2015 This group is an information resource for hoop dancers on how to maintain nutrition, hydration, meditative practice and self love on a daily basis…

  • Spinning Witches

    121 members Latest Activity: Oct 28, 2015 Witches, Wiccans, Druids, et. al. and Friendlies! Come spin, talk, dream, wander, whatever! Blessed Be!

  • Green Earth

    130 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2015 Discussions related to an environmentally friendly way of living. Happy Hooping!

  • Houstonian Hoopers

    26 members Latest Activity: Apr 16, 2014 Texas is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to…

  • Midwest Hoop Fest

    103 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2013 The First Annual Midwest Hoop Fest in French Lick IN June 25th-28th 2010.

  • New England Hoopers

    306 members Latest Activity: May 29, 2015 This is a group for anyone who lives in the New England area (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island) and wants…

  • Teacher Training: Seeding Series

    29 members Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2012 SaFire Dance distance teacher training for the Seeding Series

  • Hoop-Mamas

    324 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2015 A space for hooping mothers to share their love of dance, family, and living joyfully.

  • Anime Hoopers

    19 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2015

    This is for hoopers who like anime subbed or dubbed how do you balance hooping and anime 

Where can I access my classes?

Unfortunately, I am going to have to MANUALLY transfer over 1700 students to the new site. When it is ready I'll be posting EVERYWHERE with instructions on how to log into your account. I'll do whatever it takes to make this work so you don't lose your access.

Predicted launch date: January 23rd, 2016

Thank you for your patience and support!

Much love,

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