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Ready for Youtube?

Started this discussion. Last reply by MagicFlame Sep 12, 2010. 18 Replies

I've been thinking of putting some videos on Youtube, but I don't know if I'm "ready". I have many videos here and there's no problem, because it's such a welcoming and supporting community. And… 

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Noora commented on Noora's video

Feet in the Water

"Thank you Eshna! ^_^"
Jan 26, 2014

Noora posted a video

Feet in the Water

Celebrating the traditional Juhannus (Midsummer) with my cousin Serena in our summer cottage. Best ever. Remember to watch in HD! Music: Eva & Manu - Feet in...
Jan 18, 2014
Tahnee McDuff liked Noora's video
Aug 5, 2013

Noora posted a video

Would you... dance with me?

We realized we haven't made a video together for like 3 years, so we decided it's time to change that! This is a video by me and my sister Riika, hope you li...
May 9, 2013
Tweed liked Noora's photo
Feb 11, 2013
sarah jane dixon liked Noora's video
Feb 3, 2013

Noora posted a video

Noora's 3rd year of hooping!

Again another wonderful year has passed inside the hoop! Once again this year was great and I couldn't be more thankful for to have found the hoop. Last year...
Feb 1, 2013

Alli Apocalips commented on Noora's video

Funland Tricks Bloopers 2012

"Love it! It was so much fun to watch.  I couldn't stop giggling when the hoop got caught in the tree :) "
Jan 12, 2013

Alli Apocalips liked Noora's video
Jan 12, 2013

Noora posted a video

Funland Tricks Bloopers 2012

This is the best part of our project! So much laughter and craziness! Don't take yourself seriously, because we sure don't! If you drop the hoop, pick it up ...
Jan 11, 2013

Noora posted a photo


6 LED hoops my dear fiancé has made. Not for me though, for sale, but at least I got to hold them for a while! :D
Dec 15, 2012

Noora replied to the discussion 'Happy World Hoop Day! How did you spend you world hoop day?'
"I just hooped in my living room for a while and finished making this video we filmed few days ago. We had to shoot it in advance this year, since everyone had other plans for WHD this year. :( But I think the video turned out great and next…"
Dec 13, 2012

Noora posted a video

World Hoop Day-dance 2012 Helsinki, Finland

Once again we hit to the Helsinki city to shoot this year WHD-video. This time we chose the beautiful Helsingin Tuomiokirkko (Helsinki Cathedral: http://en.w...
Dec 12, 2012
Phoenix Sprite liked Noora's photo
Oct 7, 2012

Alli Apocalips liked Noora's video
Oct 7, 2012

Noora posted a video

Juggling with Emotions

beautiful video, great location :) love the music too!
Oct 6, 2012

Profile Information

Do you teach hoop classes? *Please only answer 'yes' if you teach classes on a regular basis.
Do you have a website or YouTube, Facebook or Myspace.
What year did you start hooping? (e.g. 2003)
2010 (February)
Who is your hoop mamma or papa? (The person who introduced you to hooping)
Hoopalicious (I saw her demo-video and decided I wanna hoop!), Hoop-a-trix, because I got my first hoop from her, MoodforHoop, because she linked the Hoopalicious demo to me! :)
Who's hoop style do you love? i.e. Who inspires you?
Everyone <3
What is your goal for 2014 and why is it important? (Doesn't have to be hoop related.)
I want to learn: Fire spinning, mini-hooping, multi-hooping, my own style and flow with the hoop.
I want to: Travel, meet more hoopers, go to festivals, start my own hoopdance classes, be healthier and happier, say "yes" more and do things, not just plan them and dream about them.
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At 8:34am on July 9, 2011,
Hi Noora - great we are also friends on this site ;-) Your photos are really great!! Love to watch!! xheike
At 1:09pm on May 6, 2011,
Jana from Ula Oopla land

Hi Noora, I am just planning out where am I going to stay over night after the UKHG is finnished. I am flying home to Switzerland on monday morning from Birmingham airport. How about you? from where are you flying home?

And how and when are you getting there? We should meet if we go the same way.

I arrive in Birmingham on Friday at 11.15 and then take the train to Kidderminster.

Can't wait to get there, so exciting! Which hoops are taking? and how many? LED? and what are we going to wear!? It is soooo exciting... Anyway, cheers and talk to you later. Love Jana

At 6:42am on March 24, 2011,
THAAAANK YOU NOOOORA! It should be a fun one...  Just hoping I can meet the judges expectations...
At 10:08pm on March 23, 2011,
Missina Lee
I was really sad you didn't make it through on hoop idol :( hope you still make your flow video. <3
At 6:31pm on December 31, 2010, Tiffany Green said…
Wishing you much love, light, and luck to your year of 2011 my hooper friend. <3
At 1:54am on December 28, 2010, Kati aka hoop-A-trix said…
NOORAAAAAA <3 miss you :) toivon mukaan keväällä tulen sinne etelään ois niin kiva hengailla teijän kaa!
At 5:45pm on December 11, 2010,
Sheena Spins

Just wanted to say hi from Canada!! :) Love your photo album -- soo sassy!! Have a great weekend!!

At 10:27am on October 28, 2010,
the process is soooo wonderfully exciting :)happy days to yew as well!<33
At 5:15pm on October 27, 2010,
thanks for so much for you kind words, that really made my heart happy :)I just got amazing new perspective recently, Just realizing that the hoop is in the space its in while, horizontal, vertical, core, whatever, its there..and all you have to do is be inside it , it does want it wants you just follow, its not about tricks, its about flooww :)
At 8:33pm on October 17, 2010,
Nicky B
Okay, I found several that are from different styles:
Fleet Foxes- Blue Ridge Mountains
The Living Graham Bond- Winter Hunter
Remy Zero- Prophecy
Lux Aeterna Dubstep Remix-

Or we can just both hoop to different songs that are upbeat or something.

Noora's Journal

My new hooping blog!

Posted on January 23, 2011 at 3:15am 2 Comments

Hewwo hoopers!


I decided to start a little blog about my hooping life!

I am going to interview some finnish (and other) hoopers, share hooping tips, videos, pics, inspiration and anything I feel like sharing!

So excited yay!


What a great start for the year!

Posted on January 20, 2011 at 2:28am 3 Comments

I have been hooping for almost one year now and ever since I have been hoping that finnish hoopers would become more known in the world. We have AMAZING hoopers in this tiny country and we are getting more and more new ones all the time. Our hoop community is growing, more great events are being held. I am very excited to see where the finnish hoopdance is next year. We are definitely making our way to the map so to speak.


Last year (November) we had two amazing and umm.. I…


How old are you?

When did you first start hooping?
February 2010

Would you call yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper? 
I don't like labeling hoopers! :D Watch one of my vids and decide it yourself! ^^

How often do you hoop?
I try to hoop at least twice a week.

Do you have an indoor hoop space?
Yes, several

Is there a hoop group where you live?

Did you start it?
Sort of I think yeah :D

Would you say that you are obsessed with or addicted to hooping?
Yes. I love it and I seriously couldn't live without it anymore. ^^

Have you posted hooping videos? How many?
Umm.. a few.. x)

Do you have friends nearby to hoop with?
Yes. I started hooping with my little sister and my cousin also fell completely in love with the hoop when she tried it. Also my students are great to hoop with!

Do you teach hooping?

What kind of songs do you listen to while hooping?
Anything I like. :)

What is your favorite song right now?
I don't have a favourite.

Do you buy hoops or make your own?
I have bought three hoops, my first one, my LED-hoop and a Polypro-hoop with Quick Wicks. I make all basic hoops myself.

Have you lost weight since starting to hoop?
I've lost about 7kg (~16 lbs) and I'm trying to lose more. :)

What size is your favorite hoop?
I love all my hoops <3

Are you comfortable hooping by yourself in a public place?
I haven't done it yet, but I think it'll be okay.. maybe.. possibly.. :D I think it's better to hoop in company. ^^

How did you learn the majority of the tricks you know today?
Youtube and just hooping around. :) SaFire's classes, they are the best!

Who is your favorite hoop teacher?
SaFire, Hoop-a-trix, Baxter, Brecken, Ann Humphreys, Beka Hoop.. ANYONE!

What advice would you give to to beginner hoopers?
Don't try to be something you are not. Be yourself and move like you feel is best for YOU! Also, don't take hooping too seriously, because hey, it's not serious! ;)

Do you fire hoop? If not, do you want to?
I have done it twice and it was FUN but really scary. I'm just one of those people who has to get used to it and not be afraid. :P

Do you own an LED hoop? Where did you get it?
Yes. I got it from Trick Concepts. Luv it <3 Also my BF made me one and probaböy will make MANY. ;)

How much time do you spend on Hoop City Hooping Community?
Oh.. a LOT! :D It's becoming my second Facebook.. x)

What was the first trick you learned (besides waist hooping)?
Lifting the hoop off my waist and above my head. It was great <3

What is the last trick you mastered?

Can't remember.

What trick so far was the hardest for you to learn?
Anything behind the back.. x) And Kickstart. And Knee-breaks.. Omg :D

Which one are you finding is almost impossible to get?
Cat eyes and other cool isolation-moves! :D They're hard! x)

How many hoopers would you say live in your town/city?
Three serious hoopers: me, my sister and my cousin. My students are totally going to be hooping superstars! ;)

Have you performed hooping in front of an audience?
Once :) Was fun!

Has anyone told you you were too old to be playing with a hula hoop?
Some people at work have laughed at my hoops, but they don't know anything! :D

What’s the worst injury you’ve acquired from the hoop?
Just little bruises and broken nails. :D One fat lip and one scratch on my cheek! :D

Have you ever hooped naked?
Yes, of course! ;)

Have you been to a hoop camp/retreat? Which one?

I was at UKHG this summer. Aaaand Hoopyweekend here in Finland! :)


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