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Bonnaroo 2010

Started this discussion. Last reply by nicolita Jun 7, 2010. 12 Replies

Any of you lovely hoopers going to Bonnaroo this year????I want to meet you all!  

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Profile Information

Do you teach hoop classes? *Please only answer 'yes' if you teach classes on a regular basis.
Do you have a website or YouTube, Facebook or Myspace.
What year did you start hooping? (e.g. 2003)
summer of 2008
What is your goal for 2014 and why is it important? (Doesn't have to be hoop related.)
2011 is going to be an exciting year. I am moving to Daejeon, South Korea to live and teach English. I have a brand new set of twin led hoops from Cosmic Hooper I can't wait to take with me. Living in Korea is going to be an amazing experience full of inspiration. Stay tuned on my YouTube page for updates!
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Hoop Survey

How old are you? 23

When did you first start hooping? I started in June/July of 2008 with my best friend Emily.

Would you call yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper? intermediate-advanced

How often do you hoop? as often as i can. can't wait to hoop outside when it gets warm enough!

Do you have an indoor hoop space? not really. sometimes i can make it work, it's easier with my minis. but i'd rather go outside.

Is there a hoop group where you live? Hooprama teaches hoop fitness and the Spinderallas are 3 performers.... but I want to start my own group some time.

Did you start it? Nope, but I know a lot of people who have taken classes w/ Hooprama.

Would you say that you are obsessed with or addicted to hooping? YES! i'm always thinking about hooping. when i'm listening to a good song, i'm choreographing hoop dances in my head. sometimes when i'm dancing alone, i miss my hoop, and pretend it's there ; )
i never considered myself being a good dancer till i started hoop dancing.

Have you posted hooping videos? I have on my Youtube channel, but it's kind of hard to watch myself. I want to improve a little more before I post again!

Do you have friends nearby to hoop with? Yes! I have gotten a lot of my girl friends into hooping.

Do you teach hooping? Yes.... but I don't get paid lol! I've taught a lot of friends and strangers. I would like to teach my own workshop in the future.

What kind of songs do you listen to while hooping? I really enjoy Bassnectar, Phish, STS9, Beats Antique, Pretty Lights, anything with a good groove. I can hoop to almost anything...

What is your favorite song right now? It's so hard to choose. I've been loving Pretty Lights.

Do you buy hoops or make your own? I make my own practice hoops, including my minis. But I have bought 2 LED hoops and a hoop with glow in the dark tape.

Have you lost weight since starting to hoop? I definitely think it helps. Last summer I was in great shape, but I need to get back to it!

What size is your favorite hoop? I would say anything from 30"- 34"

Are you comfortable hooping by yourself in a public place? Yes, it's fun, but sometimes I don't like feeling like the center of attention. I would rather do it at an outdoor concert/festival or even on stage with the band! *that is my dream*

How did you learn the majority of the tricks you know today? YOUTUBE!!!!

Who is your favorite hoop teacher? Everyone I have watched has been a teacher to me (I watch and learn). Safire, Groovin Megzz, Brecken, SharnaRose, SPIRAL, Shakti Sunfire, Caroleena and so many more! Thanks to all of you who post tutorials.

What advice would you give to to beginner hoopers? To keep practicing and "love the process" because it is so worth it in the end!

Do you fire hoop? I REALLY want to! I would like to purchase a fire hoop one day.

Do own an LED hoop? Where did you get it? Yes, my first led hoop is from LED HEADY HOOPS and my second hoop is the color-changing Rainbow from Trick Concepts. I have twins of Rob's Rainborion hoops from Cosmic Hooper!

What was the first trick you learned (besides waist hooping)? Takes me back....Waist to Neck was my first trick (we called it the "dip"). Picking it up and bringing it back down too. It took me a week or so to get the vortex finally. I was at it nonstop!

What is the last trick you mastered? I've been doing the elbow pass as I'm bent over or sitting on my knees. Also a trick called "rage kitty" (look it up)

What trick so far was the hardest for you to learn? reversals and leg hooping took a long time. i still can't leg hoop in my non-dominant direction.

Which one are you finding is almost impossible to get? Nothing is impossible! But ISOPOPS! I can't figure it out! There was one tutorial on it (four points) but my brain can't do it lol. Any tips would be appreciated! Also I've been struggling with my mini hooping. I want transition from my cross weave to reverse weave and also get it behind my head- "WINDMILL". *sigh* I will get it though ; )

How many hoopers would you say live in your town/city? It's growing... I would like to meet every one of them! I have some nice lady friends who I hoop with and am always looking for more.

Have you performed hooping in front of an audience? Yes, I have hooped on stage with my friend's band and when I take it to shows, it's kind of like performing...

Has anyone told you you were too old to be playing with a hula hoop? After they see what I can do they take it back, but I love when older people say- "I haven't seen a hula hoop in a long time!"

What’s the worst injury you’ve acquired from the hoop? Hmm... I have whacked myself in the face multiple times. One time it hit me on the ear pretty bad : (

Have you ever hooped naked? Uh yesssss. It's amazing. I feel like I can hoop better when I don't have clothing on hehe.

Have you been to a hoop camp/retreat? No, but I plan on going to one in the future. It's expensive and I need to save up for it. I will probably go with my sister too!

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At 9:36pm on May 25, 2012, Jennifer Dennehy said…

Hi Vanessa. My name is Jen I am a hooper from Erie PA. My boyfriend and I will be driving to Wakarusa going through Nashville. We were planning to stay the night there on May 28th and May 29th. We would greatly appreciate it if you could put us up for the night. We could trade some hoop tricks if you would like to jam together. Please email if you wouldn't mind helping us out. Thank you!

At 4:07am on January 17, 2011, UltraPoiLLC said…

You are Awesome!!!

At 3:09pm on November 20, 2010,
Heyyy some nice led photos ya got there!
So what did you end up doing about the LED hoop? Did you buy one from the cosmic hooper? Just curious, as I am in the market for a new one as well... and I'm thinking its either that or a Psi hoop :)
At 2:51am on September 16, 2010,
Haze Hooplove
hey =) nice to meet you to! youve got some lovely photos there..hooping by the sea = win! :P x
At 1:17pm on September 15, 2010, Tiana said…
Burning man was Uhhhhhmazing! I actually didn't even take videos this year. I may end up in the background of many others though as my hoop was on me 90% of the time. :)
At 11:25am on June 22, 2010, amy said…
i didnt make roo :( but doing allgood all of a sudden! 3 day pass. my hoop is a psi.
sorry took so long to respond havent been on here at all! :(
At 2:47pm on June 20, 2010,
So sorry i never saw your post earlier! I hardly ever go on hoopcity... well that's mostly because I just spent the last 3 months backpacking around asia..
I love the hoop... really good quality.. although I was stupid enough to play with the minis by the ocean during my trip and one fell in the water...salt water = death for hoop! so yea, pretty soon im gonna have to get a replacement, i think.
I wil lprob be buying a second one when I get the money, so I can have doubles. ;) Not sure abou the 4 section one... maybe that's what i'll do, and then I will have a section to replace my old broken section! haha
At 8:35pm on June 15, 2010, Kiara Zingara* said…
It was great to meet you to! I hope you had an amazing time :)
At 1:52pm on June 8, 2010, amy said…
im going sunday ight for dave...but thats it. probably be there early for the couple shows b4 it too... ill have a green white blue led...if you can find me in the madness! lolol. i think thats vertually impossible!
At 10:11am on April 30, 2010, Madison Orange said…
Thank you so much for the video comment! Sending you hoop love!!!

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