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MoodHoops LED MiniHoops - A review

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kacie Knight Sep 13, 2011. 4 Replies

PSI hoops for sale!

Started this discussion. Last reply by claudia hays Apr 22, 2011. 3 Replies

Mini Hoops??

Started this discussion. Last reply by Alli Mar 13, 2009. 4 Replies


Welcome, Claudia Hays!

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What year did you start hooping? (e.g. 2003)
Who is your hoop mamma or papa? (The person who introduced you to hooping)
lovely hoopers at Echo Fest in fall 2007
Who's hoop style do you love? i.e. Who inspires you?
What is your goal for 2014 and why is it important? (Doesn't have to be hoop related.)
become a better coder
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Theresa commented on the blog post 'MoodHoops LED Minis — A Review'
"Hi! Did you go with the polypro or the hdpe tubing for your moodhoop minis? I am trying to decide between the two and since you loved yours so much I wanted to find out which one you went with. Thanks Theresa"
Jun 27, 2012

claudia hays added a discussion to the group Colorado Hoopers

APO Ticket?

a friend of mine is in need of an APO ticket - he's super connected and participates in the burn community and would be a lovely addition to APO this year!you can contact me on hoopcity or via email at if you have/know of anyone with an extra ticket!much love,ClaudiaSee More
Apr 28, 2012

Tilly Whirls commented on the blog post 'MoodHoops LED Minis — A Review'
"Hi Claudia! I realize this is old but I'm curious about MoodHoops' minis. On their regular hoops there's a thicker piece of tubing where they connect and where the battery goes. Are the minis that way too? "
Apr 10, 2012

Tilly Whirls liked claudia hays's video
Apr 10, 2012

claudia hays posted a video


for teh kymbo
Apr 10, 2012

Laura De Caluwé liked claudia hays's video
Apr 2, 2012
sascha schaller liked claudia hays's video
Mar 7, 2012

claudia hays replied to the discussion 'What's your tumblr?'
" hooping, kittens, fashion, pretty girls - the usual."
Feb 5, 2012

Claudia hays's Journal

MoodHoops LED Minis — A Review

Posted on June 29, 2011 at 12:00pm 2 Comments

Two weeks ago I received a set of lovely 20” LED mini hoops from the amazing hoop creators at I’ve been a long-time fan of their wares and was beyond excited to learn when they began offering LED minis. Since receiving them, I’ve fallen so madly in love with these hoops that I felt the need to share my thoughts on them with the masses :-).

A pretty amazing feature on the …


Hoop Path V - Reflections

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 1:46pm 3 Comments

The past four days have been something of a hulahoop-whirlwind. I got to spend this amazing weekend with an old friend (teh hooping-badass KymSpins), who used to hoop with me back in undergrad. It was wonderful getting to catch up and also kind of surreal to find what hooping has become for the both of us after three and a half years of flight time. 

The weekend workshops were led by …


HoopCon Reflections

Posted on May 29, 2010 at 8:37pm 1 Comment

it was amazing - beautiful - inspiring - GROUNDING.…


What the hoop has given me

Posted on November 17, 2009 at 6:39pm 3 Comments

joy * freedom * creativity * growth * spirituality * love * (r)evolution * acceptance * eternal connection * healing * elation *strength * flow * pe*A*ce

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At 11:09am on June 12, 2011,
Thank you for commenting on my video, lovely hooper! It means so much :)
At 1:34pm on July 2, 2010,
I have 2 LEDs from Rob that I love. I purchased mine before he had the minis and the shooting stars. I love the color combo on yours, I will end up when a set of LED minis at some time in the future.
At 4:11pm on May 17, 2010, Brynne said…
I got the same hoop you got, but like 2 inches bigger, just because that's the size i'm used to... in UV pink and holographic purple, haha

i'm hoping to get it before the end of the semester so everyone can do it before they leave for summer
At 8:34am on May 14, 2010, Mona "ShpongledHoops" said…
Hey there! I am not going to the Hoop Convergence. I wish I could, just runnin' lo on dough :) I'm sure we will meet up someday!!
At 2:48pm on May 6, 2010, Nova said…
it is coming along!! definitely a slow and steady wins the race ordeal... but honestly, i just keep reading what you said to do and then say that while i try to do it :P

keeping split time is certainly challenging now... but all i am aiming for is progress. so far success!
At 10:18am on May 3, 2010, Nova said…
hey!! chase weave ... yeah... i think i get the concept of what that issss but every time i try to look up a tutorial for it I get something like this:

if you can tell me where to find a non-dog related one, it'd be appreciated :P

also -- surface switch! im all about it.. when i practice (with the whole one arm out thing) this is the method i have been using...seems like the hands have to move a lot faster, but i would rather just KNOW ya know.

so, yes...perhaps we should solve the chase weaving thing first then! (see already helpful..woot)
At 9:32am on May 3, 2010, Nova said…
hey lady! i was wondering if i could take advantage of ya skillzzz and ask for some pointers on the 3 beat weave.... i made myself some mini twins last weekend, and this trick has been haunting me ever since! i feel like you've done it in a vid before??

i have watched the tutorials from Caroleeena and Safire a tonnnn of times, but something is still off :-/ !!

if you have any pointers lemme know :D

p.s. congrats on the certification!!!
At 2:09pm on April 26, 2010, BenaeQuee said…
Hey There hooper! Unfortunately no, I won't be at CV - no money and my gig got rejected by LFL :-( I will be at Dragon Con though, will you?
At 11:13pm on March 24, 2010,
Ziva Kaye
my arms hurt!! =)
At 9:45pm on March 23, 2010, Phish Phan said…
Hey :] Yeah thanks for the tips! I'm so pumped to get a smaller hoop though, like, it's going to complete me and just help me make my hooping more dynamic. Hey you take it easy and have a beautiful day tomorrow... it's been rainy and cold here :[
How old are you? 23

When did you first start hooping? February 2008

Would you call yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper? no idea - everyone seems to have their own hooping style and I feel very comfortable in my own!

How often do you hoop? I used to hoop for hours every day. Grad school has dwindled this time down to about 2-4 hours a week, unfortunately. I need to make more time for my hoop!

Do you have an indoor hoop space? Not officially...but I have pulled off some crazy ninja-hooping in my living room and bar from time to time....

Is there a hoop group where you live? Yep! And we're growing ^.^

Did you start it? I don't think anyone could take credit for that. We all started it, right?

Would you say that you are obsessed with or addicted to hooping? completely and utterly obsessed!

Have you posted hooping videos? How many? Yes - and no clue...quite a few, but I always want to post more :)

Do you have friends nearby to hoop with? YES! I love my hoop group here in G-ville

Do you teach hooping? If so, how many people have you taught? Yes - both a beginner and an intermediate series. My students are freaking rockstars.

What kind of songs do you listen to while hooping? pretty much anything, but really into psy-trance, dub-step, and electronica.

What is your favorite song right now? hmmmm....any song by shpongle or bassnectar makes me want to get up and hoop!

Do you buy hoops or make your own? I make 'em

Have you lost weight since starting to hoop? Nope - not really the goal. But I have gained some serious muscle tone since picking up the hoop!

What size is your favorite hoop? 30" diameter, PPE tubing

Are you comfortable hooping by yourself in a public place? I love hooping - anywhere, anytime

How did you learn the majority of the tricks you know today? primarily from youtube, learning from other hoopers, and lots of flight time!

Who is your favorite hoop teacher? soso many wondeful hoopers out there with tutorials and sharing at festivals - can't even begin to narrow it down to only one!

What advice would you give to to beginner hoopers? keep with it - practice makes improvement!

Do own an LED hoop? Where did you get it? Yep! I have a PSI hoop and a Cosmichooper hoop.

What was the first trick you learned (besides waist hooping)? Oh, I have no idea....

What is the last trick you mastered? Not sure about mastering, but I've been playing a lot with my minis recently - love them!

What trick so far was the hardest for you to learn? haha - they alllll are hard before you learn them!

Which one are you finding is almost impossible to get? Oh gosh....quite a few...but never say never, right? I'll get them eventually...

How many hoopers would you say live in your town/city? I would say there's at least 50 of us at this point...maybe I'm being overly optimistic, though :)

Have you performed hooping in front of an audience? yes!

Has anyone told you you were too old to be playing with a hula hoop? haha, don't knock it till you try it.

What’s the worst injury you’ve acquired from the hoop? crazy bruises all over my legs, waist, shoulders, and hands when I first began hooping! Those bruises are like medals when you have them, though

Have you ever hooped naked? mmmhmmm...not so much now that I have roommates again, argh.

Have you been to a hoop camp/retreat? Which one? Hoop Path and regional burns (they've become something of a hoop retreat now)

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