January 2011 Journal Entries (112)

I am still sad

I am such an optimist and hate when people cuss.  I am like from the south and I am working these two jobs and I have hardly any one who is my friend but i have meet a lot of people through my local slow food movement.  Any one who likes this sort of thing be my show trough or taste some.  I say something like that after I Crack another cap and ring on a ploandfacet sprinh.  that makes me sad to buying syuudgg maskes me saf tyoo , but that Is vaufsr I hagbe nJ OB.  I cut some og my hairs…


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I can't believe I got it so quickly!!!

I was feeling more comfortable with my planes and weaves and split time today especially since I just turned on the radio and just kept spinning and practicing for a while.  Tonight I decided to proceed and tried the forward chase weave and was THRILLED when I caught on to it almost immediately!!  I am able to do it leading with both hands pretty fluidly.  I then tried the backwards chase weave which is going to take me a bit longer..lol!  I am just so happy something finally clicked for…


Added by Suzanne "Celestia Blue" Steed on January 31, 2011 at 10:36pm — 1 Comment

365 Last Hooper Standing Challenge By Ted Brancu

I am in this contest and I need to jounal my hooping time everday for 1 year.  The group is on FB.  I just thought it might be nice to share and have a copy here.


1/31/11 The last day of January

Wow…a whole month into the year. Today I worked with my minis. My back hurts. So I decided no waist hooping. I practiced tossing my minis all day. To be honest I really didn’t put them down much at all. I even had them spinning on my foot. I think I may make another set so I…


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Spacey Survey

1. How old are you? 24

2. When did you first start hooping? April 2010

3. Would you call yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper? Beginner, but making progress!


4. How often do you hoop? As often as possible

5. Do you have an indoor hoop space? Yep

6. Is there a hoop group where you live? Yes! RVA Hoop Lovers


7. Would you say that you are obsessed with or addicted to hooping? Oh yes, very much…


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Learn to let go

This weekend I meet a friend of mine to hoop at one of the parks. Lots of kids out playing, beautiful sunny day, had a great time. Tried to get a few of the "lookers" to join in, all declined. Oh well, I did offer as I always bring spare hoops out with me now. *shrugs shoulders* So me & friend were talking as we practiced and remarked how kids will try it, but adults are too afraid of "looking stupid". How sad really....the thought that adults care about that at all, who cares what…


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Introducing ME!!!!

1. How old are you?  25 years

2. When did you first start hooping?   May 2010

3. Would you call yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced hooper? Intermediate

4. How often do you hoop? 2-3 times a week

5. Do you have an indoor hoop space? yup

6. Is there a hoop group where you live? Did you start it? yes there is, but I have not been to it yet

7. Would you say that you are obsessed with or addicted to hooping? no, but I go through phases where I am

8. Have you…  

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Building a Hoop Community in Wasilla

So the past few weeks I have been gathering resources (and confidence) to email some potential gyms and fitness studios around town about teaching a hoopdancing class.  Unfortunately, none of those people have replied, BUT I was talking with my bosses about it and they agreed to let me rent the building and teach classes there!!  After we discussed it, I went out and found a good waiver form (well actually, I created one by combining multiple random dance class waivers) and printed it off…


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Blahse Blah Practice

Today I really wasn't feeling practice. Maybe I am starting to get lazy because it keeps raining.  I feel like I am not going very far anymore....I'm not improving, I'm not getting worse (which is good I guess).  I didn't practice much this weekend because I keep doing the same things over and over again.  I did do one video (4 month update) but I know it wasn't my best.  I think maybe I need to slow down and perfect everything so I don't look so sloppy.

As for new things, I keep…


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Melodia Design's Review

Crossposted from my Facebook Fan Page: 



A couple of weeks ago, I bought two pairs of hooper-acclaimed pants from Melodia Designs {Original Sash Pant in Army (S31) and Original Mini Pant in Plum (S31)}. Both pairs looked fabulous on, were adjustable to my small stature, and fit comfortably; however, very quickly, with casual wear, the inner thigh…


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What a rough start this year has been!

2011 came in with slow start for me. I never saw the new year as I was in bed by 9pm. Murphy had been sick 2 weeks prior with some bug he brought from work. I have a weak immune system and when I get sick, well I get sick. By  new years eve, the bug got me and went into pnuemonia. I have not been that sick in years and it sure did a number on me. I was surving on ice chips and popsicles for 3 weeks and lost 16lbs.and have gained back 2. Although I am grateful for the weight loss I never want…


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CRAP!!! Lost my journal entry...: (

Geez!  What a complete SUCK!  I was typing along on my second paragraph of my journal entry, so absorbed I failed to realize my cord had fallen out of the back of my laptop and was about to die and all of a sudden...my computer shuts down.  Sigh.  I HATE when that happens.  Now I have to try and remember what it is I was saying.  Oh well...glad I got to vent about it..:)


Well, yesterday I picked up one of my heavier hoops and practiced bringing the hoop up then back down…


Added by Suzanne "Celestia Blue" Steed on January 30, 2011 at 8:47pm — 1 Comment

Introducing my new life.



My life has changed so much in the last few weeks.


First, I am now a single lady. That is right. My partner of 9 years and I decided to go on our own paths from now on. I am a little sad, but holding up. I don't know what to do with myself! Trying to divide up 9 years of life together is hard work, but we are going at this as best friends, and I am optimistic. 


Second, the sun came out. This means I can now hoop outside, go to the park,…


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Need Funds to Develop a Cocaine Habit

Aapo Nikkanen makes interesting art and good psytrance too. I posted some pics of his art on my blog as well as links to free downloads of his albums. His stuff is pretty funny too :) 

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i dont feel

one with anything

anything at all,

drained of all

                    but i am

sunken in

powers electric

                     feeling so eccentric





                     but i am

casually surreal


take out what you

know, fill in



 narcissistic lies 

deplorable truths.



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my angel (most of an essay i had done for my english class)

When I look in the mirror I am okay with the reflection staring back at me, in fact I rather like who I have become. It wasn’t to long ago I wouldn’t be able to say that, at least without lying to myself. Some people think I have had a bit of a crazy life so far, but I feel that every past experience helps us in some way or another. I mean what would life be like without some craziness? I am not sure  life would really be worth living, if everything was just handed to us. I…


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Everything in my life is going wonderfully. I'm looking at a new 100 ft of 3/4 100psi, which I have yet to cut up, connect and decorate. I am still not where I would like to be "trick" wise but half the fun is trying again and again until you get it.

Because when you do get it, it is such a glorious feeling.

Those times, when I am home alone, and I wonder what the neighbors think I must be doing. Every five minutes,another bang, another crash, and then silence and a shout…  

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Sore Body = No Hooping

My back hurts.  Bad.  I hurt it this week.  Not sure what happened... I think when I went to my 5 year olds school for literacy day that I maybe messed it up bending down... or maybe when he jumped up on me there.  Not sure, but oooh maaaaan! My back hurt! 

I made an emergency apt with my chiro that I've been seeing for years and I promise that the only other time I've felt this type of pain recently was when I was tboned by the semi. 

I haven't been able to hoop for four days…


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Need a closer hooping buddy

    So I moved to the Fountain City area of Knoxville, TN and now that my house is in order and I have my very own hooping/dance room, I need a closer hooping buddy. Sure it's fun to hoop by myself, but sometimes it's also fun to have someone to laugh with, learn from, and clank hoops together with.


    It would also be nice to have someone to play with fire. I'm ordering fire fans soon and already have a torch for fire breathing. Belly dance friends could be nice,…


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Pretty Upset

My husband took our netbook to school today and someone stole it. :(  I'm not angry, I'm just really disapointed and upset.  A majority of my hooping photos and videos were on there, as were a lot of other photographs from our/my travels.  I just don't understand why people have to steal.  I'm sorry that you can't afford a netbook, but why do I have to suffer because of your greed? You won't even be able to log into because it is password protected.  And if you can, why bother when it's…


Added by Fleur de Hoops on January 27, 2011 at 6:03pm — 11 Comments

Performer Seeks Recognition?

The question mark is on purpose as some of you know by now (hello first time readers :o) I am a musician by trade* and as my tinittus more or less has finished my career as a working band-musician I instead  partime tutor and freelance as a musician.

I watched/self-critiqued my last two videos and the 'out-take' video I am about to process and noticed that my stage presence that has crept somewhat into my hooping...actually, crept isn't the right word, my stage presence has kicked the…


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