April 2011 Journal Entries (65)

Busy Bee

I've learned so much these past two weeks!

I've been hooping almost every day for at least a half hour and damn I've made progress.

I figured out how to shimmy the hoop up hands free from my waist to my chest, and I'm doing pretty good with that.

I've also learned how to duck in and out of the hoop when it's spinning on my arm.

It's a bit wobbly when I try to duck back in, but at least I'm not dropping the hoop entirely.

Hmm what else...Across the chest roll, though I…  

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Hooping Videos

Today was nice enough to go outside and hoop for 40 minutes before I was too tired to keep going.  I had so much fun.  I felt like the hoop was moving exactly how I wanted it to, a few new moves worked perfectly, and I was having such a good time with the music.  Since it was going so well, I decided to film a little of my hooping.  And everything I had just disappeared.  I watched the video, and I looked stilted.  It looked like where I was at the beginning of last year, like all the work…


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yay hoopzes!

after lurking around here for a few weeks, my hoop finally arrived today and I could finally begin hooping! 

In watching videos and tutorials, it all looks so very easy. You look at that and go "oh gee, I could TOTALLY do that"

Yaaaaaah, about that...

lol After an hour of hooping, I can finally say that I can keep the damn hoop on my waist for a solid 30 seconds. I remember this being a lot easier in kindergarten! I'm apparently a side to side waist hooper, at first go around…


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365 Last Hooper Standing Challenge by Ted Brancu

3/31/11 where is the sun

Awful… No sun…but the hoop is bringing on the smiles anyway. I got 2 hoop orders today. I have the pricing issue again. Why, Why, Why???? I need to stop feeling sorry for people. No one feels sorry for me… My hoops are really nice and priced very low (too low). I am happy to have the interest but would be happier without grief. I worked on some off body today. I am feeling really tired. This stuffy head is killing me.

3/30/11 soooo Foggy

Will I ever be…  

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Lighted Lifestyle Review

Cross-posted from my facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/notes/flow-pixy/lighted-lifestyle-led-hoop-review/190657837623378


I've owned my lighted lifestyle hoop since the end of…


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