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Third Day of Hooping

So I have been really practicing the vortext and trying to become fluid. Im also try to hoop the opposite way. It's really hard, but practice makes perfect. Im also perfect the sliding which I have kind of gotten the hang of. Im a little worried about how hard Im working my body, I still can't believe my right hand is swollen. But it hurts a lot less. I have also tried dancing with the hoop, I suck but Hey its the third Day, so what can I say.

Added by Nyjzell Greene on November 1, 2015 at 7:14am — No Comments

First Day of Hooping: Halloween Challenge

So yesterday, I got my hoop! And I hoop all day long. It got to the point that my right hand got super puffy swollen. But anyways I've been learning a couple moves
♡Vortex in/out
♡Sliding door
♡Back spining

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Aspiring Hooper

Hello everyone! I'm Bekah Hope. I am 25 years old and 5'2".

I decided to take up hooping this summer after I attended Wakarusa in AR, for the first time. I am amazed by how graceful hooping can be, as well as how fun it is! I love fitness activities and hooping is my new fitness (as well as artistic) passion. I have a homemade 100 PSI 38" HDPE Practice hoop. I also just made a 100 PSI 34" hoop that breaks into 8, 13" pieces and packs easily into a backpack.

So far, I…


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Pay what you can Hoop Teacher Training Sale

Check out all the details here

Added by Sarah Maccarelli Jordan on January 7, 2015 at 1:33am — No Comments

I don't keep my word.

AKA I'm lazy, I have low self-esteem, and will make ANY and ALL excuses to explain why I haven't kept my word. Now to the point:

I have been trying to hoop since 2012. But I never stick with it. I have 3 excuses for that:

  1. A lack of money for lessons.
  2. General lack of coordination
  3. Huge tits.

So finally I decided that I love hooping too much to give up and there is a teacher willing to give private lessons. But every time I schedule one, I…


Added by Rainbow Faerie on January 6, 2015 at 12:57am — 1 Comment

3 Magical Days, are you in?

My Hooping with Kids hoop teacher training course is  half price (only $99) for the next 3 days. If you want to earn a nice side income (or career change) by sharing the joy of hooping with kids, I'd love to have you join us. When I started doing kids classes and parties I added an extra $10,000 to my biz in the first year alone. Here's the link to learn more:…


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July marks 7!

So, I've hooping for 7 months now and I know I've come along way. I can do so much now that I never even imagined I could do when I first picked up my new weighted hoop mamas hoop fresh from the delivery truck. I was so excited! Just recently on my visit back home in PA I made a new hoop at my friends, it's about 32 inches. I've achieved so many more tricks since I've been using the 32 inch compared to my 42 and 40 inch hoops. They're just so big. But, I have to pretty much relearn how to do…


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So this is my third day practicing hooping. I am using a hoop from the grocery store so it is feeling impossible to learn anything. Since I am waiting to start this new job it will probably 3 weeks before I get a proper hoop.

Added by Rachel Taylor on May 16, 2014 at 7:44pm — 3 Comments

One Month Hooping

Here's my 1 Month Hooping video.

Note: I'm doing these videos for the sole purpose of recording my progress. I don't have a mirror to practice in front of, so I just record myself and watch the video afterwards. It's very helpful because I can watch it whenever I want and every time I watch, I find new things to work on. I'm not…


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Achievement unlocked: One year hooping complete!

Hey all! Wow--I have really been neglecting my poor little hooping blog, haven't I? The past few months have been all work (schoolwork and job applications, unfortunately) and less play, so I haven't had a lot of time to make a really detailed post. (Come to think of it, I have a final project due on Friday, so I should probably be working on that now... Buuut, this is way more fun. :) )

So, as the title suggests, I've finally hit my one-year hooping mark! YAYYY!!! :D :D :D…


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Types of Hooping

My article published from:

What Does Hooping Mean to You: Types of Hula Hooping


“So, tell me about yourself.  What do you like to do for fun?”

“Well, I like to hula hoop.”

“Hula hoop?”  *puzzled look on face*

“Yes, hula hoop”


As I repeat my answer a…


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Pura Vita Hooping Retreat

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Hoop-Dance Techniques (Intermediate/Advanced)

Hoop-Dance Techniques

Triskelion Arts: 118 N. 11th Street, Brooklyn (3rd Fl.)

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm

February 19th to March 19th

$65 for 5 week series ::: $15 drop-ins

**EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: $10 off when you purchase the full series…


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Happy Hour Hoop-Dance (beginner/intermediate)

Happy Hour Hoop-Dance

Triskelion Arts: 118 N. 11th…


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Hooping with Depression

     I started hooping not only because it looked amazing, but also because I hoped it would help me with my depression. I have not been diagnosed with depression because I am scared that if I go to see someone they will force me to take medication, I was hoping to find a holistic solution to my problem by eating a vegan diet and hooping/meditating.

    I am now a vegetarian and have been hooping for around two months. While I am hooping I feel great,

like nothing else matters,…


Added by Serenity on October 9, 2013 at 10:23am — 6 Comments

The secret to learning one-legged hooping... (silly post) I've finally nailed the foot-pop-in-while-one-legged-hooping trick, you know, that little foot-nudge thingy that fancy-pants hoopers use to get their leg back into the hoop? Yuuuuupp...FINALLY! After months of thinking it was impossible, and the past few weeks of frustrating practices.

So I realized what the trick to learning this all was. First, you have to practice one-legged hooping in pants--sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, but mostly the baggiest and generally least…


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Now It's Been Years...

I can't believe that I'm about to write this journal entry.  It's been literally about two years since I picked up a hoop, and now I have to wait until I can afford to make a new one.  I have recently moved to my hometown and while I was living in the house I was in for over a year, all of my hoops spent time in the garage.  Sitting.  Being neglected.  Most of them went to good homes when I had my yard sale before I moved.  I didn't get much for them, but that's okay.  I know they will be…


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Hatin' Hoopers

I was perusing random Youtube videos the other day when I started to notice a horrible pattern.

The video I was watching featuring a young girl wearing neon-green ravey leg-fluffy things, short shorts, and a crop-top. She was rocking out with her hoop in a garage. I couldn’t help but notice that in the comment section, there was an inordinate amount of drama going on.

Whatever happened to “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”?

For every positive comment…


Added by Calpal on September 5, 2013 at 2:34pm — 6 Comments

Dada Life Hooping!

So last night I went to see one of my all-time favorite artists (/duo), Dada Life! I was excited to go to that show the moment I heard about it over a month ago. When I bought my tickets, I thought to myself that it'd be really awesome if I could feel confident enough in my hooping by the time the show rolled around to actually hoop at the show. I didn't have any idea how much progress I'd make by the time it finally came, and even though I was nervous (it was my first time actually going to…


Added by Kelsey Witt on August 31, 2013 at 8:36am — 1 Comment

Performance Hoop Intensives in Malibu August 10th, 2013

Performance Hoop Intensives in MALIBU!!!

Join us for a day of 45 minute Performance Hoop Intensives with our Professional Performance Teachers. Come learn a wide range of skills that will help you take your hoop dancing to the next level! Community, beautiful views, and complimentary Hoop shots by Van Doan Photography are all things you will receive when purchasing the day or an individual class! If you’re someone who owns a hoop and is interested in…


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