First of all I want to write a disclaimer. This is me VENTING and isnt aimed at anyone at all, I am in a cynical mood and the tone of this isnt all roses and rainbows. I dont want to post this in the forums because I dont want anyone feeling attacked, so I suppose people can respond here if they want to.

Sometimes I get fed up with people that are obsessed with hooping. like people that are so hoopsessed enough to spell it that way, and  all i can talk to them about it that video of brecken (I love you brecken, its nothing person) or the size of thier new polypro. 

I love hooping, I love it. Sometimes I go through phases where I am more into it than usual, and sometimes less into it. I feel ashamed that I get annoyed by some people, like I know hooping makes people happy and is a source of freedom from everyday life but really gets to me is when people treat great hoopers like they are gods and goddesses. Just because Baxter says to do a move this way, or SaFire does this or that doesnt mean its RIGHT. there is no right and wrong in art!

I am often excited when I get new students who are actually interested in the hoop community and eager to learn (as opposed to some students who use hooping as just a workout medium) but I find myself trying to repress my feeling of irritability towards individuals that try to loose themselves in the world of hoop. 

I am not trying to knock anyone, or make anyone feel bad for telling thier hooper friends "have a hoopy day!" I am just venting. does it make me less"hoopier" than thou? probably. The hoop community is like any community.

When going to my first hoop retreat I felt so out of place. I didnt own any flowy pants or have any feathers in my hair. I watched the people around me and realized that like any community there were people judging one another (myself included...why is it that all these hoopers have such low body fat content and I am seeminly average?) I wondered how much of this is about the art and coming together for the art and how much of it was about coming together to wear $200 outfits and gossip. I guess women just do that no matter what. wonder if there really is a place for me inside this community.

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Comment by Tilly Whirls on January 20, 2012 at 1:02pm

Comment by Stevie Cee on January 20, 2012 at 1:21pm

Hey Tilly, actually my ex bf worked on that video! Thanks for the reply, I loove hooping to pop music too. I actually have a weak spot for kesha and britney spears....but I am a vegetarian and like the outdoors. I guess this thread does go to proove that there is more variety in our community than I thought. How was HoopCon?

I loved the hoop path retreat but in some ways it reminded me of high school...clicky...i didnt like that part so much...

Comment by Jade Lily Pop on January 21, 2012 at 3:12pm

I love Britney, yet people on here have criticized me for listening to pop music, but I don't care. I do what makes me happy.

Comment by ᏆяᎥs моггεll on January 27, 2012 at 10:30pm

Those pants cost $200?! -__-

Comment by Rebecca Lea Slater on January 29, 2012 at 7:57pm

Lol, I agree with the obsession annoyance. I am 'obsessed' but with many different things. I love books, tea, television, movies, hooping, music, tin whistles, drawing. I can on for hours about many different subjects. I think in any art form people have a tendency to completely center their lives around this thing that they love, which is awesome but unfortunately it makes it hard to have friends who do other art forms. If all I ever talked about was hooping all my musician friends would get terribly bored, as would my writer friends and fellow television buffs. I think as people we need balance. To be completely obsessed with any one thing will make you a broken record to the rest of the world. It might not be a bad thing but I personally like to fill my free time with many things I love. I come home, make an awesome dinner, hula hoop until I'm tired, watch my favorite tv show and then read or something. If all I ever did was hula hoop I'd get really tired of it, haha.


I believe in anything you'll find obsessed people and sometimes it'll get tiresome. So I go from one website to another or I start taking classes for something else. Not to quit hooping but to have a variety of pastimes. I just started trying to learn to crochet.

I love being able to talk about a lot of different things. :)


And I am vegan, but that came way before hooping. Sometimes I fit the stereotype on accident. That's how stereotypes happen, you know. Most people don't decide all at once to go be a hula hooping vegan hippie with $300 circus pants. ;) Which I would never pay for, btw. I love hooping in pajamas or jeans. AND I'm not a hippie or a raver.

So there are plenty of different types of people who hula hoop. <3


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