i started a new fascination with hooping after my friend rebecca and i saw safrie's lyrical routine with a hoop. from then on it was all up hill for hooping since!! we made our first hoops a little more then a month ago and now all i want to do is learn more.

i found hooping to be the one thing that no matter if i'm having a good or bad day, it's always fun. and that's how i've been treating hooping, is that's it's all in good fun.

i feel i've come a long way since day one (i couldn't even waist hoop for my life), and now i can waist hoop and also i have achieved the vortex!! i've been experimenting with off the body hooping as well (mainly hand hooping). i want to get a set of mini's soon <3

right now i just want to learn and grow, so i'm reaching out to anyone in the surrounding areas... if you know of a place for classes or anything of that sort i would love if you'd tell me about it. i travel in between the Eastside of Cleveland, Akron, and Warren Ohio..

much love and hoop on <3

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