I started hooping on my own in 2009. It was during a very rainy summer, and I needed an activity I could do inside. There were a couple people I knew that had gotten into hooping through practicing belly dancing. After walking around with others that proudly carried their hoop in public, I became aware of the welcoming community and enthusiasm that existed. I am thankful for the bold encouragement from other performers and practitioners that helped me step further out of my comfort zone. My hope is that I have inspired others to be active, creative, fun, and be amongst friends.

Since moving to Illinois from New England, I have been closed and cautious. I am not yet ready to be walking outdoors with a hoop. Perhaps in time. But for now, I've missed hooping and the camaraderie. I will be receiving a travel hoop very soon, which will propel me back into practice. 

For about the past six years I've practiced capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian dance-based martial art. Recently, I started taking a break from capoeira. I just started learning flamenco, which will eventually be tied into belly dancing, once I am finally ready to acquire a new lifestyle. I have known about this community for a while, but wasn't sure if I would be able to stick to hooping for the long run. Now I am ready.

And here we are in the beginning of 2012.

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Comment by Caroline Krueger on March 24, 2012 at 6:11am

I want to see a video, your style must be crazy if you've been practicing capoeira for years!  I often think about such movements but my body has no idea how to do them, or incorporate them into hoopdance.  I hope you feel like walking down the street with your hoop soon.  It can be uncomfortable at first but so worth it when the day dawns you realize you could hoop down the middle of the street and not care 


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