big decisions happen so quickly it makes it seem like nothings really changed but i feel totally different. free or something. though my decision may sound like more of a failure to some, but for me i think it is growth and another challenge.,.....    After this semester of TCC(local comm. college) i will receive my associates degree in studio arts(after 4 years, i like to call this my senior year, haha) and instead of transferring to UNCA, VCU, VTECH, Lawrence, MECA, UofMT, or Flagler i couldn't decide between them so i was applying to all, i am going to take my time to find who i am as an artist and a person along with trying to find ways to fulfill my desire to make, and create, and express, and a bunch of shit i cant describe which is why i make and do what i do. ill sew clothes i have designs for make paintings ive had plans for, of course hula hoop everyday as usual, make more hoops with polypro, make pretty hoops and practice hoops, lots of hoop plans :), and just be me. i hope that this will not only make me happy and hopefully moderately successful, i am going to start doing beach/street performances, and pass out my little card for art and hooping i hope people will take to it, i am sure! they will haha. i will try this all out from this summer thru next summer and if its not working out i will apply for every grant possible and go to real college, i do enjoy the classes, i just need to be making my own projects right now........any ways gonna do some spring cleaning so have a great hoop day! enjoy the way the trees scent in the air as you spin! ill make it out there in like an hour

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Comment by Susan Killian on April 24, 2012 at 5:37pm

Funny!  You're graduating TCC with a degree in Studio Arts, and my husband is starting his degree in Studio Arts at TCC in the fall!  I'll find you out at the beach one day, and I'll take a card :)  I attempted hooping at the beach a few days ago, but I am VERY new.  Like, I've been at this for a week.  I don't know any tricks, and I was planning on using the open beach to practice my heart out.  It was way too crowed for my insecurities, so I just read a book, instead.  It broke my heart because I really want to do it, but I've seen myself hooping in the mirror... I'm just not there, yet.

Comment by EternalSunshine on April 27, 2012 at 7:49am

heheh your fun! lets hoop together! don't be embarrassed of your inexperience.. MY first rule in hooping don't even consider what anyone else is thinking. I live by da beach Mon! haha annddd i need hoop freinds! ill send you a message wiith my number!


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