To be honest, I do not have a lot of friends. I prefer my own company to socializing. I am an introvert of mega proportions. It is of no surprise that I do things that are solitary based. Why would I then take up something that is in and of itself a community building hobby? Make no mistake about it, that is what hoopdancing is. In a way. It is a hobby that brings together a variety of different people with a variety of different backgrounds. People who find fulfillment within a simple circle. People who are simply happy, dancing with a partner that demands nothing but gives so much. I have found joy being alone inside my hoop but I have also found like minded people with whom to share this joy and of course the struggles that come with it. In the beginning, I had no idea what hooping would bring to me. How interesting and surprising, that this circular piece of plastic would bring me friends from different areas of our country and yes, a few from other countries as well. This community, in a way is like a best friend or family, because who aside from our friends and family would rejoice in your successes and encourage you to try, try again? Maybe, hooping is not a solitary hobby after all.

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Comment by Marlon Meadows on January 12, 2014 at 8:44am

Interestingly, it is technology that has brought this about.  Prior to technology being so prevalent in everyday households and society, hooping remained an underground art/hobby, which was either done in a solitary fashion or within smaller social groups, such as performing arts, circus arts, gymnastics and certain festivals... or if we really want to go to roots, in native american cultures.  Technology has recently allowed all levels of skill and experience to congregate together in a forum and form this community.  I myself have a love/hate relationship with technology, however it has done some beautiful things for us and here I am. :)  I like the way it is both solitary and group... it is as solitary as we wish, but yes the community is here when we so desire to participate.  If you want to do group hooping, there are some amazing things that can be done, however solo hooping, with even just one hoop, can be likewise amazing and beautiful.


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