Slowly making my way back home from Hoop Camp. What a freaking rush. I had such an amazing time.

I'd been to Hoop Path Retreat earlier this year, so I had the chance to be around some of my hoop heroes. I think that helped prepare me for Hoop Camp, where the whole starstruck thing wore off a lot quicker. Still, I got to hoop in the presence of some hoopers I greatly admire but hadn't met yet in person, such as Hoopalicious (!!!), Bunny Hoop Star from Australia, Shatki Sunfire, GroovinMeGzz, and of course our very own SaFire. :)

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it is to jam with such a large group of passionate hoopsters. I could go on and on about the workshops, and how they were amazing and diverse and taught by such an incredible group of instructors, and how I learned so much it's insane. But I won't, because I'm pretty sure other people will cover that, much like Philo already has on (Which, incidentally, I have not been able to stop checking because I just want to relive Hoop Camp as much as possible.) And anyway, I have a confession to make. The reason I go to these hoop functions isn't entirely for the workshops. It's because when you cram that many psychotically badass and committed hoopers into one location, the energy that radiates out is PURE AWESOME.

Seriously. Forget Red Bull. If you could bottle hooper energy and sell it, you'd be the richest person alive, friends. And I thrive off of it. I'm addicted. I'm going to be stashing my dollars away until I can afford my next fix. ;)

The part of Hoop Camp where I most strongly felt that energy had to be during the psi-hoop jam on Saturday evening. I could've danced all night...and I did, too! I blissed out on the pure magic created by all of Merlin's gorgeous hoops flying around the great field. When the hour grew late and they took up the psi-hoops, I danced unhindered, flinging myself around wildly without my hoop as I just grooved on the music and pure energy. And THEN, when they shut the music off, and I walked back to my cabin with Carla, commenting how I didn't really want to go to bed, Rich invited us to a late-night-super-secret jam that went on for at least another hour. All of us grooving without our hoops, feeding off the vibes, no drugs necessary, this shit is powerful! I WILL be back for more.

Quite possibly the most unexpected thing for me, though, came in the second-to-last workshop of the weekend. I've been craving a hoop name for a while now. I'd toyed around with "JessSpins", but it's hard to say out loud, and I sort of wanted something that integrated my zodiac sign (which is Taurus), because I self-identify so strongly with it. And as Kara spoke about sacred geometry and the shape of the universe matching the shape of our hoops, she said it: "Torus". Torus is the name of the shape our hoops make in the three-dimensional space, more than just a circle, but the whole tube. It is also the theorized shape of the universe. It also rhymes with "Taurus", so when said out loud, it could mean either one. I love the idea of channeling the bull energy of the Taurus through the Torus of the hoop, and sending it back out into the Torus of the universe. It felt perfect, so I'm embracing it: I am Torus the hooper! :)

I hope everyone else that attended Hoop Camp felt as empowered as I did from it. I hope to see, and most importantly, HOOP, with every single one of you again!

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Comment by Mrs. Skittles of Sparkle & Burn* on October 1, 2009 at 8:43am
You seriously gave me the chills (literal goosebumps) describing the energy of Hoop Camp. I have now completely decided that I am going to go to one... hopefully next year. :)

It sounds like SO much fun! I am glad you had such a great time.

The only thing that I am nervous about though... is going by myself. I doubt that any of my friends could afford to make such a journey and I have never traveled alone. hmmmm


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