I have spent entirely too much time reading through the 'Hoop Making' discussions this morning and all I can say is WOW!! You ladies (and gents) have made some amazing things! I am so inspired by all of you. All I want to do right now is run out to the craft/fabric store and spend the next week sitting on my living room floor trying to figure out how to make fur covered hoops, fabric covered hoops, decourage paper (I still don't even know what it is!) coverd hoops, fabric ribbon hoops..... my mind is spinning with all the possibilities! Thank you all for the inspiration, guidance, and directions! I may not get to them all right away, but this will surely give me something to do all winter long while I'm waiting for the warm weather!

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Comment by Laura "Baila" on July 31, 2009 at 3:46pm
hmm.. you have just given me thought. I wonder what a hoop that is half inch covered in fur would feel like... still really heavy or like a normal hoop that is cozy. Thanks for posting this! you have sparked my mind :-D Amazing how inspiration spreads like fire


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