There were bruises on my hips and waist. Maybe I just bruise easily. Now that I'm finally learning to hoop on my chest I'm getting bruises on my arms. Nice. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, =) I'll figure it out. However I know I do need some help. For Christmas I've requested to get hoop classes. I think I laid it on pretty thick. You know, sent emails with links, I leave my hoop where my husband always sees it when I'm not in it, I talk about it, oh, all the time. lol He likes to watch me practice sometimes and gives me "pointers", hes so cute!

This year is finally almost over. Now with the New Year approaching I have new goals and aspirations. Hooping is at the top. I will get good!!

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Comment by MoshRumi on December 11, 2009 at 11:43am
no no no! you are doing nothing wrong my friend!! okay, so first off: the bruising on your hips comes from when you let the hoop circulate over your hip bones. you can feel them just below your tummy. make sure to always hoop below, or above those bones or you will definately get some major bruises. you'll know if you're hooping on those bones because so should be able to feel the hoop knocking around on them-- not pleasant. i hope that all made sense.

okay, so for the bruising on your arms: anytime you start to hoop on a new body part, you will ultimately get bruises there. this also happened to me when i got into chest/shoulder hooping-- small bruises on my shoulders/upper arms, small bruises around my ribcage. unlike hooping on your hipbones, these bruises will stop after some time. i also got bruises when i started to get into elbow tricks.

really, the only one bruise you have to worry about is the ones on your hipbones. if you keep hooping on them, you will continue to have large bruises on your hips. don't worry about the others, they will dissappear in time.

i hope this helped you out :)
hoop <3 hug

Comment by Mrs. Skittles of Sparkle & Burn* on December 11, 2009 at 2:45pm
Another reason why you bruise when learning how to hoop on a new area is because you are constantly working on learning in the same area (ie. waist, then hops, then chest, etc.). After you learn these core moves you will see less bruising. Right now... I work on 4 or so tricks at a time and I rarely have bruising because I alternate between them for about 30 minutes. Your body becomes more used to the repetitive motions and once you learn more tricks the hoop rarely stays on the same place on your body for very long. :)

I think the worst bruises I got were on the back of my hand from working on off body tricks. Those hurt!
Comment by Shorty Lucy on December 14, 2009 at 1:12am
So true!! Thank you guys! Really. how long have you guys been hooping??


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